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Comment: Re:Card to Card payments (Score 1) 260

by equivocal (#43258385) Attached to: MasterCard Forcing PayPal To Pay Higher Fees
The disinformation regarding Check21 has been a pet peeve of mine. Unfortunately, it's a futile fight and I don't have a list of myths at the ready.

Check21 drags paper checks into the digital era by declaring that a digital image of a check has the same legal standing as the original paper check. But this is NOT what happens to consumer's checks. Those are converted to ACH debits, sent through a completely different network goberned by different regulations. And these conversions predate Check21 by a couple years.

The only ways the two are similar are: 1) someone takes your money and 2) your check disappears

Comment: Need national DNC * code (Score 1) 167

by equivocal (#40619459) Attached to: FTC To Revisit Robocall Menace
Get a robocall--press *13 (for example ) to automatically report the previous incoming call as a do-not-call violator. Reports will dwarf web-based reporting even though awareness will be minimal.

Then have the NSA use their AT&T "listening rooms" to track down Rachel.

There's already a * code for reporting harassment. It costs money and requires separately filing a police report.

Comment: Re:Right: You're a RINO (Score 1) 275

Thing is, the modern Republicans demand strict conformity to an arbitrary standard of political correctness. If you miss out in any dimension, you're a "Republican In Name Only" and they'd rather expel you from their gated paradise.

Yeah, that would be the "One Drop Rule". Something no doubt familiar and comfortable to Republicans.

The Left has their own extreme PC stupidity. My favorite is the documented Undocumented Immigrant.

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by equivocal (#36778956) Attached to: Phone Customers Pay $2B Yearly In Bogus Fees
This summer ATT Long Distance decided to impose minimum charges. So, anyone NOT insane enough to pay $0.39/minute gets to pay $2 anyway. And it's not $2, it's $4.50 after the below the line fees they now add. I figure that $2 is their internal usury cost for collecting the fees, which makes sure that those fees remain pure profit. Blatant greed.

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by equivocal (#36454912) Attached to: JavaScript Gameboy Color Emulator
You are not the only one.
Reminds me a but of the sentiment that cropped up in Western-genre stories where the old-timer sees the frontier close and feels a sense of loss that none of settlers understand.

It mystifies me that there were people who invented a programming language and thought it was a good idea that you turn over control of browser to these programs whenever and wherever it found them. Genius!

newegg decided that their product pages wiil now only display pices with javascript (I wonder how many realized that). How can I convince newegg to not do that? I can't--"be a good little consumer and run our javascript, we wouldn't hurt a fly". How can I run just the javascript to show the price? That's web2.0 heresy--run it all or get off the net. Like grandma says, a little bit of javascript is like a being a little bit pregnant. (hint: the price is in a javascript array of html snippets in a separate js file. Genius!)

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