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Comment: Re:Don't like Systemd... fork it. (Score 1) 545

Maybe they figure they got us by the balls (note I didn't say they're right). The desktop market in linux is virtually nonexistent. Maybe it's a case of an honest desire to improve things while figuring a bit of lock-in couldn't hurt them. Of course this doesn't mean poettering, kay and friends aren't issues for the community. ..or maybe systemd configuration is more easily squeezed into a certification test they can charge for.. Who knows..

Comment: Re:damn (Score 1) 545

Is that really true? Last I read, there was a reasonable set of pros for systemd (cgroup and zombie management for ex), as well as valid criticism (opacity, overcomplexity, security etc). Usually the first ones out the gate to scream troll are the ones losing the argument. It's the first step towards establishing themselves as 'victims.'

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