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by epyT-R (#47422431) Attached to: Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

Dear idiot,

This is a discussion forum, not a thesis submission. The poster was talking about building nuclear plants in deserts where there is no abundant water. This leaves a coastline of salt water. Salt water is corrosive, and while it is possible to use it as part of the cooling system, it's really not ideal. Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension before you call people names.

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by epyT-R (#47421517) Attached to: Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

You throw professional around as if it means something.. It just means you're paid for your work. That doesn't mean you know anything. There are plenty of morons who are paid for their work.

what does office compatibility pack do to fix the serious ui regressions in windows 8? Most people don't want to take offers like that because they don't want to look like they're yesterday's news.. It's stupid, but most people would rather have the new thing even if it's worse than the old.

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uhh.. what? vista was a pig, even on high end hardware at the time. 7 is just a tweaked vista. I'd go back to xp instantly if it had dx11 support and a few other things. Luna sucked but that was easily turned off and you had win2k interface again. xp was window dressing for 2k, and many of the features were backported to 2k in sp4. It was easy to tweak xp to run just as well as 2k. you can't say that for vista+. 8 might perform better than vista and 7, but it has nothing on 2k or xp. No comment on aero and metro as neither hold a candle to win2k's desktop.

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windows 81 still has issues with the desktop compositor and mouse input. When I tried it, the compositor would resample the output of full screen 3d applications/games even when it wasn't necessary creating banding and distortion. This was especially noticeable on older pre dx9 titles. Also, the widgets look ugly. As far as I'm concerned, the only usable windows desktop is the win2k interface, which is not available in 81 at all. Windows 7 is the last one to have it.

the mouse issues still have not been solved for those of us with high res input devices.

NVME support is a driver.. I don't see an issue here.

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Careful. Short term discomfort lasted 70 years for the soviets. The government needs to stop inflating the currency, fix the tax code so that each tax is justified for one specific case, with all funds directed to that case, close the loopholes for the wealthy, pay off the debt, and then lower the unneeded tax once that's done. Basically it needs to work within a budget like the rest of us.

These F35s are way too expensive to be useful in a battle. China would throw 10x as many half assed shitboxes and still win. They need to be cheap and reliable. These F35s are expensive and failure prone, like a lot of products today. "The more they over do the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain".

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This is a non sequitur. Whether I have insurance or a car is irrelevant to the post you replied to. I'm talking about the shortcomings of the current system. Lets cut to the chase.. The point of insurance SHOULD be to protect your assets should they be damaged. The details are dictated by the policy. If the law was changed so that people couldn't sue for auto accidents, then there's no need to cover everyone and no need to have it mandatory. It would also end a lot of passive aggressive money grabs and would force people to recognize their mortality on the road. This is a net benefit because the reality is, with or without insurance, you're just as vulnerable as the next schlub. Don't like the risk? Don't drive or ride in a vehicle. Just don't ask me to pay into the pot to fund your 'right' to sue just to stick it someone.

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Exactly. I'm saying the coverage should only protect the policy holder. Liability only protects you from lawsuits: an artificial threat created by law. Useless. The only thing that should happen is the state citing for cause. This way there's no need for liability coverage. If you want to cover yourself and your car, go ahead, but it shouldn't be mandated. This will lower coverage prices since the law would not enable the insurance companies to have us over a barrel.

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Every government is owned by money. I think you've been swallowing too much of your own propaganda. Driving is a necessity at this point. there are politicians who think internet access is a right..and if that's a right, then driving definitely is. No car = no job if you live outside the city.

Of course you do.. because leftist ideology is all about retribution. It's end justifies means disguised as a principled stand. Having or not having insurance does not prevent a government from enforcing law. I just want a system that allows people the freedom to do what they need to do in order to live the best life they can. That includes access to the road, insured or not. mandatory insurance has created premium levels many cannot afford. I'm not interested in retribution. I'd just want my car replaced and/or my body patched up. In your example, I'd be rich enough to afford the coverage, and it would be worth it to cover 100k. If I drove a 20 yo honda and had no money, insuring it is a waste anyway. My best bet for avoiding long term disability is avoiding the accident in the first place. Wealth doesn't enter into that.

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