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by epyT-R (#48455897) Attached to: How the World's Agricultural Boom Has Changed CO2 Cycles

I should've stopped reading at 'right wing blinkers', but then I'd've stooped to an NPR level of reasoning.

I'm sure they do because countries that typically have no or weak welfare are rural, where extra hands on the farm are more valuable than the state aid.

The feminist narrative at the heart of your argument is flawed. I wasn't talking about the third world. I was specifically talking about the US system, where EBT cards are handed out to 'heroic' single mothers for the 'accomplishment' of having sex. The number one correlation for lack of maturity and success in poor children in this country is a lack of a father in the home. Then these kids grow up to repeat their parents' mistakes.

As far as 'sugar daddies' go, here in the states, the mother just waits until alimony kicks in, then divorces her 'starter husband' and the ivy league feminist indoctrinated judges award her disproportionate amounts of dad's paycheck, driving him into bankruptcy and then out of work and into debtor's prison for failing to pay. Mom, now 30ish, without any income, looks in vain for another man to latch on to (checkout dating sites for this phenomenon). Women in their 30s with children are undesirable to men who are looking for young, healthy wives to start families, so most of these women resort to fucking around on the side, purposely trying to get knocked up again so they can repeat the process.

If women want respect from and access to men's money, then they'll need to earn it as housewives while he's out making the bucks, or go out and earn their own the same way the men have to. In addition, making real life choices like the high power career OR having children, not both while expecting taxpayers and employers to prop her up, and others like her body, her right, her choice also being her responsibility, would go a long way towards earning mens' respect. This is equality of opportunity, and I have no issue with this. It's what I encourage for everyone. Until the state enforced feminist 'empowerment' is labeled as the hypocritical sexism it is, men have at least one perfectly justified reason for treating un(der)employed baby pumpers who game the system as the irresponsible dependent children they are. No one respects having to slave for another class who gets away with working less, even if it's a pauper's existence. Forcing people's hands makes them resentful. No group should be 'upsetting' any others' productive lifestyle, period, nor should the state engage in picking winners and losers.

HIV infection rate is controlled with judicious selection of sex partners. Most people, even the poor, in this country, know how to do this, but the left's insistence on destroying the family unit without suggesting viable alternatives has caused both sexes to look for sexual opportunity elsewhere, leading to dependence on the state for support, and misery on both sides.

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Right. The only welfare offered by the taxpayer would be abortion and contraceptives. This way when one or both parents lose their job and the family needs assistance, they aren't encouraged to create more dependency.

People with education are smart enough to know when enough is enough, and in some cases, smart enough to know how broken DCF and 'family' court is. Welcome to the idiocracy where the uneducated and poor breed the most.

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Like I said, it depends largely on what decade he was in school and what terms were in use while he was growing up. How many more times do the 'proper' terms have to be replaced? Perhaps the focus should be on why the terms become pejoratives over time and fix that instead. Of course, this would require a reexamination of ideology, culture, and behavior, which few have the backbone for.

Get uppity or don't. No one implied you had to get anyone's permission. I choose not to. I don't get upset if someone calls me 'cracker' or 'whitey' or 'whitebread' or 'redneck' instead of 'caucasian.' I'll laugh and call that person a slur appropriate for their race in return, whether it's in jest, or not. If he laughs in return then we've established a rapport. If he gets butthurt, then he's a hypocrite who's not worth my time. People who can't take it shouldn't dish it. Those who claim that attributes like race and sex shouldn't matter seem to spend lots of time obsessing over and enforcing the use of proper terms for them.

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