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That's just it you're not in plain view of all, only the people around you at any given point along your journey. Also, your travels aren't being recorded for posterity and monday morning quarterbacking by desperate bureaucrats or law enforcement looking to justify their jobs.

Traffic cams are also part of the problem.

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Many said that about the nazis, then about the communists. Freedom and liberty are important, and the ignorance of those who would take them from you is a large part of protecting them. Otherwise, a society with zero privacy would be defined solely by the limitations of the law and law enforcement technology. What a shithole that would be. History (and current events) have shown us there's no shortage of insecure, single issue blowhards who want to force their 'utopia' upon the rest of us, so the fight's important regardless of the probability of success.

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by epyT-R (#47934531) Attached to: Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Which makes it obvious how stupid it is to use the word 'professional' in ways that imply superiority, yet dumb fucks like you do it all the time. Just because someone is paid for their work doesn't mean they're better at it than someone who isn't..or who isn't paid as much.

It's a shitty metric.

Staff meeting in the conference room in 3 minutes.