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Comment: Re:Update to Godwin's law? (Score 4, Insightful) 466

by epyT-R (#48041427) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

Actually there is plenty liberal about them. here's more to your list..

1. Liberal with taking and spending other people's money, taking out massive loans in their name and leaving them and their children with the debt.
2. Liberal with oppressive law, secret watch/black/flight lists, civil rights abridgement (from patriot act to itsonus/dear colleague witchhunts)
3. Liberal with oppressive policies that favor some groups over others based on irrelevant attributes.

Of course, they ruined the word 'liberal.' The correct term for them is 'leftist.' Their goal is to centralize power in the government and force people to keel to their course, and they pander to and inflate single issue social interests to maintain voter interest. They take rights from all, then give back bits and pieces as privilege to some based on those arbitrary attributes they say aren't supposed to matter. The neo-cons counter them just enough to ensure that powerful business interests get their markets guaranteed, though in reality there's plenty of bi partisan lobby donating.

I am plenty safe, thanks. I'd like my freedom and liberty back please.

Comment: Re:Fox News? (Score 1) 451

by epyT-R (#48022971) Attached to: Scientists Seen As Competent But Not Trusted By Americans

Are you saying that grant chasing doesn't happen? I assume not. Therefore, it is in society's best interests that the media do its job and find out if there is fraud and tell us. Is fox lying to make koolaid? I don't know. Like their koolaid flavored friends on the left, they mix lies with the truth to push their political agendas. This kind of lie is no better than msnbc's latest medical 'study' correlating without causating about some social dynamic in order to shape assumptions, or all the appeals to emotion and mixing of politics in today's 'documentaries'. While it's true there are science deniers out there who refuse to budge on their dogmatic beliefs, I think the main problem is that people have been conditioned to think with emotion rather than reason because that drives people to the store shelves, to stare at the TV and to buy into dogmatic political ideologies that destroy liberty. Lie enough times to such people and they'll never believe you even when you are telling the truth (eg climate science) because they lack the faculties and the information to discern it.

Comment: Re:F2P means newcomers have to deal with toxicity (Score 1) 50

by epyT-R (#48010413) Attached to: Infinite Crisis' Superhero Origins Story

Have separate chat channels for public and team/squad that are independently mutable for voice and text. It shouldn't be hard. Really, though, the cultures need to toughen up again. I think there are bigger problems when we have 16-30yo players crying over trashtalk or 'mean spirited' tactics. If the game allows it, then it's ok. If the fact the game allows it is not ok, patch the game.

Comment: Re:The difference (Score 1) 50

by epyT-R (#48010377) Attached to: Infinite Crisis' Superhero Origins Story

Well, to be fair, a lot of play involved team deathmatch and tourney/duel 2v2 modes, which were much more structured and required team effort. Trash talk still happened there, though it was less frequent. This wasn't due so much to censorship from above (although, like I said, there were a few server admins that tried this and their servers failed to gain popularity), but just that players spent most of their chat time in team chat rather than global, and a lot of that was just binds. FFA/pickup games were more casual and allowed more chatty behavior.

I just think catering to whiners by sterilizing everyone else's environment is self defeating. They cannot be appeased no matter how E-for-everyone they try to make the interaction, because in the long run, this sterilization causes more extreme reactions to diminishing stimulus. The real reason they whine is because they get beat by better players who likely play more often. Publishers are better off focusing on these better players because they are likely repeat customers (assuming subscription mmo here). Flattening the skill curve on the better players in vain attempts to reach everyone ruins the game itself. Offering some incentive for new players is fine, but the main game should not be compromised, nor should the culture that built up around it.

Comment: 'toxic' players (Score 1) 50

by epyT-R (#48007947) Attached to: Infinite Crisis' Superhero Origins Story

Do today's gamers really care about being called 'fag' on the internet? I'm not much of a mmo player, but back in the quake days, the problem was dealt with by keeping the few who did whine to a minimum instead of pandering to them. They were unceremoniously booted from servers, laughed at and kicked off irc, and, otherwise, mocked and ignored. While some of them did persist, the community was healthy and stayed healthy for a long time because of that. Irrelevant complaints about 'mean words' and social justice politics were ignored. If you wanted respect, you had to get good at the game. Nothing else mattered. There were a few servers (out of thousands) that had silly rules meant to appease these people, and you know what? They rarely if ever had any players on them. A little pool shock every now and then keeps the water fresh and clear.

As far as other behavior goes, like griefing or outright cheating, it was difficult to do the former without sucking really bad anyway. There were a few specific maps and/modes that would lend themselves to it, but usually persistent griefers were booted after a minute or two. While there were some known cheaters that got away with it for a long time (even a whole clan of cheaters iirc), most were caught and booted/banned from servers.

The answer to 'abuse' in gaming is a chat toggle. Those who can't handle the main chat should turn it off, and the ones who whine anyway should get votekicked. These special snowflakes aren't worth pandering to. The better players are almost always more immune to the banter and trash talk anyway.

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