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Submission + - Netscape 9.0 Beta Out for Linux, OS X, and Windows->

epistemiclife writes: The company which spun off Mozilla has released beta 1 of version 9.0 of its long-running Navigator browser for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. This is notable, since version 8.0 was exclusive to Windows, making this the first major update for OS X and Linux, since version 7.2. It is based on Firefox 2.0, and "Netscape extensions" for Firefox 2.0 are available as add-ons to Firefox users.
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Submission + - MIT Faculty Accused of Racism

epistemiclife writes: CNN reports that a professor at MIT has resigned in protest, because a colleague was denied tenure. He charges that it was because he is black. DiverseEducation.com expounds upon this, by referencing similar issues with MIT in the past, as well as with other institutions which focus on science and engineering.

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