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Submission Ubuntu, the worst game ever!. So he said

epe writes: Hi,

yesterday night, a friend, sent me a link to some strange Ernesto Carrillo III's review in amazon. The so said Ernesto Carrillo III complains about Ubuntu.

The post is quite old but it doesn't deserve to go unnoticed in /.

Was hi trying to make a joke? Is he actually feeling this? But the hardest part: I think this is the next wave of Ubuntu customers... more and more people like him will start trying ubuntu and spreading fud about (real or not) problems in ubuntu without trying to get or offer help. My concern is that this could harm Linux.

Here is the complete text of his... comment at amazon:

I have been using computers for well over 4 years now and can say that this was one of the worst games I had ever purchased. For one, in order to even install the game you have to completely ERASE ALL YOUR DATA! I did not know this when I installed and lost almost all of my hotmail messages. Second, I was really suprised that this did not run on my wife's apple macintosh. In this day and age, is it really acceptable that software only run on dell computers, but not on apple or even IBM's? Well, I always try to look at the glass half full, so I continued installed and found that not only had my start menu had moved to the top, but all my programs had been moved around. I couldn't even find the "Notepad" word processor. I finnally gave up when I couldn't find limewire or internet explorer installed anywhere, so I gave up and threw my computer away and bought a brand new laptop instead.

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