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Comment Re:Worst MacBook EVER (Score 1) 477

Have a look at HP business laptops (pro line). They make them intentionally for businesses who order thousands of units and need frequent upgrades. They even provide Bios upgrades for as long as 5 years sometimes. Their consumer models are nowhere near in terms of updatability and support.

Comment Re:Easy! (Score 1) 481

They have been doing this before iPhone 5. Their bast hack was the collection of fingerprints from high grade politicians, from restaurant glasses. One of their magazines published the fingerprints and explained how to print them with printers and strap them on thin latex gloves. It was a protest act against fingerprints in passport, but the politics did not listen.

Comment Re:Blame Microsoft (Score 1) 195

No need. Seagate will come up with a design to leave out one empty row for every 10 rows of overlapping data. This way they can manage the amount of data that needs to be rewritten. This of course will happen in the next generation, after they see how their first design sucks.

Comment Re:Of, by, and for the powerful elite (Score 1) 555

Craig Zucker is an AAA-Level A-hole. He used to sue competitors of him while he was in business. And now he is complaining about the same cruelty that he did to others. It only suits him well that he is in the same situation now as his own victims were.

Comment Code for the world instead (Score 1) 58

The self-imposed American government of the (The North) is not very respected among the people with more than half a brain. No money, no free work. I guess that smart coders would rather code for the world in an open source way, instead of coding for one corrupt system that is breaking their lives in numerous ways. Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

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