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Comment: Re: Selection, yes. (Score 3, Insightful) 298

by iamhassi (#49437709) Attached to: Did Natural Selection Make the Dutch the Tallest People On the Planet?
Doesn't natural selection also include perception? Aren't there some species that choose mates based on colorful feathers or sounds, and those with the most colorful feathers or most desirable sounds tend to produce offspring more? So how is choosing a mate based on height any different?

Comment: Re: Idiot Parents (Score 2) 569

Raising kids is a lot like trying to influence your friends to do the right thing, you can tell them until youre blue in the face but at the end of the day they're going to do what they want. Are you 100% responsible for everything your friends do? Of course not, then why should parents be 100% responsible for everything their teenager does?

Swatting is not like killing or stealing or doing drugs, picking up a phone and making a prank phone call is not on the same level as grabbing a gun and killing someone even if that phone call could have the same consequences. So the people that say "the parents always say they're a good kid" maybe they are a good kid because they would never pick up a gun and kill someone but they might pick up a phone and make a prank phone call and they should be severely punished for it.

Comment: Re:Well, I wouldn't buy one (Score 1) 389

I predict a lot of people will buy the 1.0 product and it will become obsolete quicker than you can say "apple stock". The 2.0 product might be more interesting. Can't believe they are charging 10k for the "higher end" watch. Bragging rights for rich folks, but rings pretty hollow considering what you get.

Apple Watch will probably go obsolete as quick as any iOS product, which takes a few years before they stop supporting it. The latest iOS 8 still supports the 2011 iPhone 4s. That's much better than Android, I don't think there are any 2011 Android devices that support Android 5.0 without rooting them.

Comment: Re:Well, I wouldn't buy one (Score 1) 389

First of all, it needs an iPhone. Don't have one, don't want one.

So you don't have what it requires so you don't want one. Thanks for that. Guess you don't want a furnace because you live in Hawaii so therefore no one else on earth needs a furnace. Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones as of March 2015, even if only 5% buy an Apple Watch it will be a huge success.

Everyone cried that the iPad was ridiculous, it was just a large iPod Touch that cost triple the price. It sold like crazy. The Apple Watch will sell like hotcakes. Apple Watch will sell more in 1 day than all the Android Watches ever sold. Then Samsung will make an exact copy of the Apple Watch, add a SD card and removable battery, and the samsung fanbois will make fun of Apple for not having a micro SD card slot and a removable battery.

Comment: Re:Steampunked (Score 1) 389

Damn, everything's on the Interwebs. Should've known: in the late 90's I once googled (Lycosed?) "Lego porn" as a joke (honestly), and was surprised to find it existed.

Nuther mPhone:

You can say google, they were a search provider in the late 90s

Comment: Isn't 1ghz and 1gb enough? (Score 1) 554

Am I the only one that thinks 1ghz and 1gb ram is a lot just for a OS? I guess to teenagers that sounds really slow, but anyone past 30 should remember a time when 1ghz and 1gb ram was a lot. Windows has been bloating for years, glad to see they haven't bloated past 1ghz and 1gb ram.

Comment: Re: Not that new (Score 1) 59

by iamhassi (#48014729) Attached to: Researchers Develop Purely Optical Cloaking
Who needs lenses? Many micro cameras (like cellphone) and many LCDs would be fine. Hardest part is getting the lighting right, especially during dusk or dawn, because the LCD would need to display what is on the other side without being darker or lighter than the other side. Can't have a bright LCD showing a black image because it's night time.

I'm wondering why someone has not taken a few dozen cellphones and surrounded a sphere just to show a proof of concept.

Comment: Re: Really? (Score 3, Informative) 517

by iamhassi (#48010601) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit
Most flawed study ever. Without any evidence they automatically assumed homeowner solar usage would skyrocket from 0.2% to 10% in only 8 years? I read the study, there is no explanation of why they believe this.

Without some amazing break through in solar power efficiency and much lower prices we will not see 10% adoption by 2022.

I would have to pay $30,000+ for solar panels to generate the electricity I'm currently paying $200 a month for. But that fluctuates, during the winter it's $75 a month. Let's assume I average $125 a month, about $1500 a year. It would take 20 years to reach the $30,000 I would have to pay today for the solar panels, and that's assuming the panels or other equipment need no repairs for 20 years. Solar just isn't worth it yet. When 2 or 3 grand in panels can handle everything then people will consider it, but it makes no sense spending 20 years worth of electric bills all at once.

Comment: Re:I just want the new Nexus. (Score 2) 222

by iamhassi (#47893165) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters

To me, I don't see anything interesting about the 6 and 6+ that would make it worth jumping from an iPhone 5S or even an iPhone 5.

MUCH BETTER BATTERY LIFE = 6+ battery is over twice as large as iPhone 5s battery, from 1,440 mAh to 2,915 mAh. While some might say "battery life will be the same because of the larger screen" it's been shown in iPad's that is not true, devices like the Mini have an enormous battery life despite the 8" screen and only a 4,490 mAh battery. If the 6+ can get just half the battery life of the Mini that will be a huge improvement from the battery life of the 5s. Apple is already reporting the 6+ will provide several hours more battery life than the 5s.
LARGER SCREEN = no dispute there
FINGERPRINT = 5s had fingerprint but 5 did not. That will make it much easier to unlock the phone and make iTunes payments
NFC = if mobile payments work out like they're saying this could be the best feature of the iPhone 6. It could mean never needing to get out your wallet and never having to worry about your credit card or identity stolen.
OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION = would help a lot when recording videos, optical image stabilization is usually much better than digital stabilization.
BETTER CAMERA = anyone that has bought a cheap camera knows big megapixel numbers do not mean a good camera. The iPhone 6 is still "only" 8 megapixels but adds a new iSight sensor and Focus Pixels technology for focusing faster.
MOTION CO-PROCESSOR = anyone that uses their phone while working out would like this. The A8 chip includes the new M8 motion co-processor which recognizes data from gyroscopes, accelerometers and compasses.

Don't panic.