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Comment: Creativity will die out by 2020... (Score 2, Insightful) 383

by eobet (#26318835) Attached to: Universities Patenting More Student Ideas

When huge, already established corporate entities and institutions will have monopoly on making money, we will be thrown into another period of medieval dark ages.

Let's hope a revolution will take place before that.

When did humans lose out in significance in favour of corporations?

Comment: Re:It's not a game.... (Score 1) 605

by eobet (#24944661) Attached to: Review: <em>Spore</em>

The biggest disappointment imo is that it's not the toy it was supposed to be. I was looking forward to and incredibly fun an educational experience, as seen here:

Sadly, nearly all of the dynamic, procedural, scientific and in-depth content is removed from the game that was released.

I so wanted to shape my own planet and play with a fully dynamic ecosystem, but everything about that is either removed or reduced to a static command.

It's a series of linear mini-games with a couple of static actions in each. Not even the only sandbox environment left, the creature editor, is fully dynamic anymore, using canned animations with just a little interpolation instead of something fully procedural.

The released game is sadly stuck between being a toy and a game, without being educational at all now.

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