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Comment: Re:Fire(wall) and forget (Score 1) 348

Your analogy can be extended even further. Armor plating a vehicle has an enormous cost in fueld efficiency and handling. This could be directly compared to the labor and complexity costs of managing host firewalls on large numbers of servers when they're indiscriminately applied.

Comment: Re:Another bloviation from Bennett (Score 1) 544

Indeed. I might be tolerable if it was at all insightful. I'm at as much a loss as you as to how this guy keeps getting his word jizz posted. I made it a few sentences in and already it's his typical "I spent 60 seconds pretending to do work then vomited paragraphs of nonsense about it!" This isn't even idle quality stream of consciousness stoner rhetoric.. I think even describing it as bloviating is too forgiving.

Comment: Re:Interview on Weed?! (Score 1) 319

by entrigant (#47051541) Attached to: FBI Need Potheads To Fight Cybercrime

"have to"? I believe the exact wording was "want to". It's hyperbole meant to demonstrate the level of "tolerance" some of the candidates demand, not to demonstrate their crippling inability to get out of bed.

I do quite well in the private sector, but government is full of "zero tolerance" requirements from recreational drug use to the exact level of college education completed. Combine that with the pitiful wages and I'm amazed they end up with any technology related work force at all. If they'd compete I'd at least consider them. Now I don't even bother looking at them.

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by entrigant (#47000633) Attached to: Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

You do understand that the reed solomon codes used for RAID 6 _are_ a form of CRC, right? Even better, they allow reconstruction when bad bits are found! RAID 6 would be a poor technology otherwise. I'm not trying to stomp on /.'s love affair with ZFS, but patrol reads on modern RAID cards are _exactly_ what ZFS does.

Even better, this works with all filesystems! Layering FTW.

Comment: Re:Not a way to learn (Score 1) 166

This may point to a measurement problem, but you're not forced into it. A desire to learn is all that is needed to master the subject even if the tests are not a reliable indicator of mastery, or are you attempting to say that the instructor is uninterested in teaching even to those who wish to learn?

Comment: A Non Issue - FUD From a Competitor (Score 1) 92

by entrigant (#46940133) Attached to: Dropbox and Box Leaked Shared Private Files Through Google

The "cloud" hate is strong here so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet, but this is quite simply a non issue. Box and Dropbox allow you to share files publicly, but it is not the default. While each have had genuine security issues in the past, this is not one. This is simple, common user ignorance. Both services have proper and secure sharing methods to share documents with other users of the service that require authentication on both ends.

What happens is:

- User clicks "Share dropbox link" from the context menu OR user places file into a pre-configured public folder
- User gives link to recipient
- Recipient enters it into a browser with one of those horrible combo search/url bars
- Link is indexed by the search engine

The important thing to remember is that that link does not exist before the user selects that action. These links also expire, and there is also an "Unshare" explicit action.

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