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Comment Re:Sugar (Score 1) 926

Look up dietary ketosis, please.

I've lost 60 lbs in 6 months doing LCHF diet. This was while still consuming the same caloric volume that I was prior to avoiding carbohydrates.

So by increasing fat consumption, and decreasing carbohydrates, yes I lost 60 lbs.

FAT alone does NOT make you fat. Elevated insulin levels + Fat/Sugar/Anything makes you fat. Control the insulin (via fasting, low carb, whatever), and cease storing fat.

Comment Re:Failure to even Attempt to process the article. (Score 1) 926

Not true. It's not how much you consume, it's what you consume. If you do not understand this, you miss the entire point. LC diets change how your body gets its energy. Do some actual reading, as this DOES have hard scientific evidence to substantiate it. It is not simply calories in vs. calories out.


Submission + - Sponge-Like “Swelling Glass” Absorbs (inhabitat.com)

MikeChino writes: A company called Absorbent Materials has created a new kind of “swelling glass” that can clean up contaminated groundwater by soaking up volatile molecules like a sponge. Dubbed Obsorb, the material can hold up to 8 times its weight in fuel, oil, and solvents without sucking up any of the water itself. Once the material is full it floats to the surface and the pollutants can be skimmed off.

Comment Re:Get a leash! (Score 1) 218

I agree that owners should be responsible, however nobody is perfect and accidents can happen, as even perfect owners such as yourself can be prone to the unpredictability of animals. Especially for new owners, who even armed with basic common sense, might not be able to figure out that Fido is burrowing an escape tunnel under the fence, etc. I think it's an absolutely sound option to be able to find your loved pet in the event that it does get into mischief! Which is better? Finding your mischievous animal before he freezes to death scared or finding him, bringing him back home, learning from the mistake, and saving its life? It's just another way to bring piece of mind to the owner, keep dogs from becoming strays, and reducing road kill. Nobody is saying this is a magic bullet in pet ownership and care!!!

The Internet

Houses With Tails 307

nnfiber writes "What if home owners could also own their Internet connection? Tim Wu, of New America Foundation and Derek Slater, Google's Policy Analyst, say this can be a new effective way to encourage broadband deployment — an important issue in 'America's economic growth.' In his post, Timothy B. Lee says: 'That might sound like a crazy idea at first blush, but Wu and Slater do a great job of explaining how it might work. The key idea is "condominium fiber," an arrangement in which a number of neighboring households pool their resources to install fiber to all the homes in their neighborhoods. Once constructed, each home would own its own fiber strand, while the shared costs of maintaining the "trunk" cable from the individual homes to a central switching location would be managed in the same way that condominium and homeowners' associations currently manage the shared areas of condos and gated communities.'"
The Almighty Buck

Landing IT Work Overseas 194

snydeq writes "US IT workers could find considerable payoff and invaluable experience by taking their IT skills overseas, InfoWorld reports, as foreign, US, and global firms have increased the demand for a wide range of tech talent across the globe, offering positions that clearly move beyond the scut work of heads-down programming. Business fluency, industry-specific skills, and knowledge of American markets is fast becoming an invaluable asset foreign firms will pay a premium for, according to the report, which offers insights into finding IT work in a range of cities and regions abroad."

Critical VMware Vulnerability, Exploit Released 104

BaCa writes "Core Security has issued an advisory disclosing a vulnerability that could severely impact organizations relying on VMware's desktop virtualization software. It involves directory traversal using VMware's shared folders, and could allow an attacker access to the host system from a guest VM. Core also released an exploit for the vulnerability."

Could the RIAA Just Disappear? 114

BlueMerle writes "Ars Technica is running a story about how EMI is disappointed with RIAA and ultimately they (RIAA) may disappear. 'Is the RIAA as we know it about to disappear? As rumors continue to swirl that EMI will pull its funding from music trade groups like the RIAA and IFPI, an IFPI spokesman tells Ars that the group is in the middle of a major internal review of its operations.'" I wouldn't bet the farm just yet.
Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple iPhone is working as GPS-Receiver with 100m accuracy

Navizon company very famous with projects in the field of GPS, has released the utility Navizon_iPhone which allows to transform your iPhone into the virtual GPS-receiver. You can download thiss software from HERE. After software installation through installer.app, you need to switch on Wi-Fi and login on their server. Then, using cellular tower's or hot-spots signals you can define your siteplace on a map of your city through Google Maps.

Submission + - Inventors Protest Patent Reform Bill (itworld.com)

narramissic writes: "A group of inventors and U.S. company execs, among them Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and the AutoSyringe, and Steve Perlman, inventor of WebTV and lead developer of Apple Inc.'s QuickTime, paid a visit to Washington to encourage Congress to defeat the Patent Reform Act, which they say will weaken the patent system, devalue patents, and encourage infringement.

A version of the act, which passed the House of Representatives earlier this month, is supported by several large tech vendors including Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco who say it will make it harder for patent holders to sue and collect huge damage awards when only a small piece of a tech product is found to infringe."

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