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Comment: I went one stage further.. (Score 1, Interesting) 765

by eniac42 (#21712134) Attached to: The Advantages of Upgrading From Vista To XP
And upgraded to Windows 2000 NT. Seriously. It runs happily on old hardware, an old laptop with 64 MB RAM, 300 Mhz Pentium 3, 2 gig hard disk. I can run most of the apps I throw at it, the few that dont run I dont need on that machine anyway.

Message to Microsoft: Less == More. Forget the Candy Floss and concentrate on making core API run faster and leaner.

+ - Open Source license proliferation threat to users?

Submitted by
E5Rebel writes: "Business is embracing open source like never before, but the effective demise of SCO's claims against Linux don't mean an end to licensing problems warns an analyst. The debate on Slashdot seems to focus on GPL and its virtues but there are 1,000 plus open source licenses and businesses face having to manage multiple licenses within a single open source product we are being told. Time to 'impose' some order before we face another backlash? ess/services-sourcing/news/index.cfm?newsid=4829"

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