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Submission + - Catch a plane, or wait for bomb squad? (

rastos1 writes: Part of Munich airport in southern Germany was shut down for several hours after a traveler's laptop set off an explosives detector. ... Officials had wanted to check the computer again but the man had left. ... A police spokesman quoted by AFP news agency cautioned that the scanner could have been set off by chemicals such as perfumes, and that the man might simply have been in a hurry to catch his plane.

I'm so glad the security of air traffic is taken care of.

Comment Re:Ahhh...Deus Ex (Score 1) 642

"Deus ex was the pinnacle of the genre for me. An epic story, multiple paths through the levels, as well as different tactics that could be used all endeared the game to video game history"...
For me, the best part of the game was the cheat code that reversed the friend-or-foe part of the AI in enemies, e.g. causing security robots to speed around shooting wildly at nearby pigeons!
I suppose the actual gameplay was pretty good too...

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