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I think that a bit of "economic hardship" is important. I did not grow up privileged. I grew up very poor. And, let me say, that "very" poor is an understatement. I could write a book about it. I struggled to find economic success and myself. I worked my way through college (after dropping out of highschool) and still struggled. There were times when I wondered why? Why did I work those two jobs and take 12 hours of classes while raising my sons? I had no time to myself. None.

I did it for my two sons. And, in the end, I made it. I am not rich or even upper middle class. I see prices rising beyond what I can afford. So, I started gardening again and producing my own. I made pickles last summer that we are still eating. They turned out really good and I have become really an expert in canning. I refuse to depend on the government or anyone else for my livelihood. I am sort of independent and sort of stubborn. I like myself. My youngest thinks I am weird. Oh well. I guess I am. I own a small piece of property that can sustain my family in need. I own it. I am not over extended in debt. I am free of those worries. I think part of my unique situation is that I was raised by a Buddhist. My mother never thought much of material goods and frankly, I am sort of like her. I don't need to be the Joneses. The end. ;-) Gosh, I hate when I sound preachy but there you go.

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Journal Journal: Entrepreneurs create mushroom-based insulation board

A Vermont farmer and his business partner have created a mushroom-based insulation board that is grown in a form, taking about two weeks. Early tests indicate that the material insulates slightly better than the typical pink fiberglass batting found in homes today. To date, the two inventors have been growing samples under their beds while searching for affordable lab space and so

Journal Journal: The Pirate Bay hacked; passwords stolen 6 6

The Pirate Bay announced that the hacker group AUH broke into their servers, making off with 1.6 million usernames and (encrypted) passwords, and offered a .torrent to the data. Users whose views on information wanting to be free don't extend to their own data are encouraged to change their passwords; the Pirate Bay is no longer tracking that .torrent.
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Submission + - waiting for: again?

mwilliamson writes: "I just got a phone call here at work playing back a pre-recorded message stating I hadn't completed filing with Turbotax and gave me a URL to finish. Like many others, I waited until the last night, could not file electronically so had to opt for the paper route. Although I used their system to download the mailable documents, they don't seem to know. Now the funny part...this URL seems to be down, probably due to overload this time evidently generated by their own call center. Bad turbotax! hehe The URL they had given was"

Feed Hibernating Bears Conserve More Muscle Strength Than Humans On Bed Rest Do->

A new study quantifiably measures the loss of strength and endurance in black bears during long periods of hibernation. The scientists found that black bears in hibernation lost about one-half as much skeletal muscle strength as did humans confined to bed rest for similar periods of time.
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Journal Journal: Deletion 7 7

I am sorry that I did not warn everyone. Anyway, I will get back to writing here later. I still read many of my "friends" JE's everyday, so keep up the good work. ;-)

And no...I do not have a stalker or any other life threatening reason to delete my JE's. I will explain later.

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