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Comment Re:Blah (Score 2, Informative) 274

Mailbox journaling is not archiving.

Here is what most people mean by archiving. On notes (and now exchange) there's a server side policy/program that runs and moves mail that meets a defined criteria (say.. mail that is over 6 months old) and copies them to a new mail file. The user's can then access their archive from inside the client or via the web by clicking on a link or something and it takes them right to it.

It's really nice from a system administration perspective as it keeps mail file sizes down (increasing performance) on your main servers and you can use a series of low cost/lots of disk space servers as archiving servers as most people will only go into their archive once or twice a year so the load is very low.

Data Storage

How Does Flash Media Fail? 357

bhodge writes "Aside from the obvious 'it stops working' answer, how does flash media — such as USB, SD, and CF — fail? Unlike with traditional hard drive, where anyone who's worked with computers for a while knows what a drive failure looks like, I don't know anyone who has experienced such a failure with flash. I've haven't been able to find more than scant evidence of what such failures look like at the OS level. The one account I have found detailed using a small USB drive for /var/log storage; it failed very quickly, and then utterly (0 byte unformatted device), after five years of service in the role. This runs contrary to other anecdotal claims that you should still be able to read the media after you can no longer write to it. So my question is: what have you seen of the nature of flash media failure, if anything?"
The Internet

Data Centers Work To Reduce Water Usage 225

miller60 writes "As data centers get larger, they are getting thirstier as well. A large server farm can use up to 360,000 gallons of water a day in its cooling systems, a trend that has data center operators looking at ways to reduce their water use and impact on local water utilities. Google says two of its data centers now are "water self-sufficient." The company has built a water treatment plant at its new facility in Belgium, allowing the data center to rely on water from a nearby industrial canal. Microsoft chose San Antonio for a huge data center so it could use the local utility's recycled water ('gray water') service for the 8 million gallons it will use each month."

Comment This is the best they could come up with? (Score 1) 740

Really? You know, a reason most people I know drive older cars is because you don't have to worry about car payments and premium insurance. Not saying I couldn't afford it, but it's nice not having to worry about it.

Another (fairly large) reason I, personally, a drive 1986 nissan pickup 4x4 (just getting broken in at 227,000 miles) is because it still gets OK gas mileage,it was all of $1500, and I can fix most anything on it myself. Good luck doing that on a new foreign or domestic car. It's alos become evident - to me at least- that picking up a 80s or 90s foreign car or truck for a few thousand in decent shape and spending a few hundred bucks to fix it every year is a helluva lot cheaper than blowing a ton of money on car payments & insurance.

Oh yeah all these 'ancient' cars still get comparable gas mileage to new vehicles. My Nissan gets around 20 mpg in the city ... all of 1mpg less than the 2009 ford ranger (http://www.fordvehicles.com/trucks/ranger/).


Japanese Scientists Claim To Reconstruct Images From Brain Data 276

conner_bw writes "In a world first, a research group in Kyoto Japan has succeeded in processing and displaying optically received images directly from the human brain. Here's the Japanese press release for good measure. One step closer to broadcasting your dreams? The research is due to be published today in the US scientific journal Neuron."
The Internet

Political Sites Scale Up For Election Traffic 68

miller60 writes "News sites and political blogs are expecting extraordinary traffic tonight as Americans track results of the Presidential election, and are scaling their infrastructure to meet the challenge. Yahoo anticipates its Election Night traffic may be three times the volume seen in 2004, when it had 80 million page views on Election Day and 142 million more visits the following day. Hosting companies say customers have been ordering extra servers and load balancing services, while content delivery networks are also expecting a busy night. Will traffic approach record levels? Akamai's Net Usage Index, which tracks traffic to its customer news sites, is one metric to watch."

Microsoft Adding jQuery To Visual Studio 67

Tim Anderson writes "Microsoft's Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP of the .NET developer division, announced that the open source jQuery Javascript library will be integrated into Visual Studio, the main Windows development tool. Further, Microsoft will treat jQuery as a supported product within technical support contracts, and will use jQuery to build new controls for ASP.NET, its web platform."
The Courts

30 Years For Online Pharmacy Spammer 310

jotter507 writes "So, you get arrested for running an illegal online pharmacy and the judge orders you to stop selling medication over the Internet. Don't sit around and do nothing before the trial! Run off to the Dominican Republic on a false passport, withdraw money from an account ordered frozen, and start up another online 'pharmacy.' It didn't end well for 27-year old Christopher William Smith, also known as 'Rizler.' The world-reviled spammer and Internet drug dispenser received a 30-year sentence from a federal judge on Wednesday."

ACLU Protests Police Scanning License Plates 821

dustman81 writes "The ACLU is objecting to the practice of police in Springdale, Ohio using an automated license-plate scanner on patrol cars to locate stolen vehicles or those whose owners are wanted on felony warrants. The scanner can read 900 license plates an hour traveling at highway speeds. So far, the scanner has located 95 stolen cars and helped locate 111 wanted felons. The locations of the license plates scanned are tagged with GPS data. All matches are stored (with no expiration date given) and can be brought up later and cross-referenced on a map. If the plate is wanted, the times and locations of where it was scanned can be referenced. The Springdale police department hopes to begin using the system soon to locate misdemeanor suspects. This system is also in use in British Columbia."

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (7) Well, it's an excellent idea, but it would make the compilers too hard to write.