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Comment Re: Sounds like an ad (Score 5, Insightful) 316

It helps if you actually read the comment [Crazy idea on Slashdot I know]. They weren't using Excel for ticketing. They were using Excel to create a dashboard displaying information and metrics about tickets in their actual ticketing system, which while it may not be the optimal way to do that, doesn't strike me as that unreasonable.

Comment Re:Just use Cherry switches. Duh. (Score 1) 304

Sounds like these people are in a time warp. They obviously are not high-performance hardware users or they would be familiar with keyboards that use Cherry switches.

Who says we aren't? I am. But I've never used a keyboard that feels and types as well as a Model M. For me at least, I'm able to type significantly faster on one than I am on any other keyboard I've ever tried. I've got 2 of them, they cost me about $8 each, including one of these Airline Reservation Versions.

As a Unix/Linux admin, typing is my bread and butter, so I'm going to continue using the best tool for the job. For me, that's a Model M keyboard. I don't care how much it pissess off the Windows admins in my office, with their cheap-ass Dell keyboards.

Which reminds me, one of the things I don't see anyone mentioning about those cheap keyboards these days is that there is NO plastic around the keys by which to grab the keyboard to pick it up. Any time I am stuck using one and I have to pick up the keyboard, I end up mashing a bunch of keys and screwing up whatever is on the screen because there's only a tiny area above the INS/Home/Pgup keys to grab it by. Crappy typing notwithstanding, even just that issue drives me up the wall!

Comment Re:Chip and PIN (Score 1) 132

Home Depot has been replacing terminals with dip terms for EMV. But the issuers are waiting for some more traction. Most US merchants don't want to pay for the terminals, since the risk doesn't shift sufficiently for them to pay the money.

And as mentioned above, any card-not-present transactions are unaffected by EMV. Most of these rings sell cards to be used not-present. It;s fairly common to place the order on the website for local pickup, grab the loot and fence it. EMV doesn't stop that.

It *could* if the store at least used the Chip + Pin to validate the person picking up the loot.

Granted, I still don't see how it helps stop people buying stuff on Amazon but that one example you provided should be fairly simple to avoid.

Comment Re:Holy god the beta (Score 2) 180

Perhaps they are aiming for a new demographic, who might feel embarrassed by every one else having low user ID's, and who aren't smart enough to understand yyyy-mm-dd date formats?

That's the only thing that makes sense to me. The beta is horrible and as a *LONG* time reader and commenter here, I won't continue visiting if they go live with that horrid beta interface.


Amazon's Double-Helix Acquisition Hints At Gaming Console 116

Nerval's Lobster writes "A more prominent role in video-game development could prove the latest territory on Amazon's 'attempt to conquer' list. Yes, there's already Amazon Game Studios, which produces smaller games such as Air Patriots (a tower-defense title), but that evidently wasn't enough — Amazon has acquired Double Helix, most notably the developer behind Killer Instinct and other big-action games for PCs and consoles. Amazon confirmed the deal to multiple media outlets, suggesting that it would use Double Helix's developers and intellectual property 'as part of our ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers.' Why would Amazon want to bulk out its game-creation abilities? Rumors have floated for the past couple weeks (hat tip to Gamespot) that the company is hard at work on an Android-based gaming console that will retail for below $300. Over the past year, it's also hired gaming luminaries such as Halo author Eric Nylund, which it probably wouldn't have done without something big — or at least interesting — in the works. Amazon would doubtlessly position such a device (if it actually becomes a reality) as the low-cost alternative to Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4. But even the cheapest console won't sell without some killer games to attract customers — and that's where Double Helix might come in. ... With Nintendo flagging, there's potentially an opening for a third console ecosystem to take hold."

Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations 271

First time accepted submitter time_lords_almanac writes "A Canadian band has sent an invoice to the U.S. Department of Defense after learning that its music was used without permission in 'interrogations' of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The members of Skinny Puppy, who specialize in electronic music, were originally going to make the invoice the cover of their next album until they discovered they could bring legal action against the department. They were also none to happy to learn the purpose their music was being employed for, let alone illegally. The amount of compensation requested? $666,000, of course."

Comment Re:The Problem (Score 1) 332

The difference is that when you "lose" gold it still exists. If your hard drive crashes and you don't have your bitcoin wallet backed up your bitcoins cease to exist.

Actually no, they still exist, you just can't access them without the private key.
In theory, given enough computational power [unlikely] one could manage to find/re-generate the same private key and would thus have access to those bitcoins.
Of course, if anyone ever had that much computation power available to them it would probably make the rest of bitcoin unviable.

So from a practical standpoint the bitcoin are lost, but they still technically exist.

Pedantic I know. Perhaps one could compare it more to that gold being 'lost' by being converted into some other compound [ie. auric chloride]. The gold is unusable as a currency in that form and thus is 'lost' from that standpoint. But, given the technical know how and resources, you could presumably recover the gold from the compound but it would be difficult and expensive.

Comment Re: Hitchhiker's Guide (Score 1) 732

The biggest issue I had with I, Robot was that Asimov intentionally wrote robot stories that did "not" involve scary robots running amok and killing people, but that's exactly the movie they made.

On its own as an action/adventure sci-fi, and not branded as an Asimov story I thing the movie would have been much better received, at least by fans of his stories.

Comment Conflict of Interest (Score 2) 362

FTS: The Debian technical committee has been asked to vote on which init system to use, which could swing in favor of using Upstart due to the Canonical bias present on the committee."

So what are the chances of getting the Canonical-associated board members to recuse themselves from the vote, given the obvious conflict of interest there?

Comment Time Warner SUCKS! (Score 1) 558

From work I get about 30ms
From my home internet a few miles away I get about 69ms.
Because Time Warner sucks ass!

Because from my connection in Arlington, TX [near Dallas], Time Warner kindly routes all of my traffic down to Houston, then back up to Dallas before it even leaves TWC's network. Then of course it still has to go the rest of the way to wherever it is going. Of course thanks to their near-monopoly, my alternatives for 30Mbit connectivity are slim.

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