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Comment: Not going to work... (Score 1) 86

It's a great buzz idea. I wish for our work (NGO) there that this could be a viable solution to the "last 100km problem." But...the solution isn't scalable in any significant way (cost, training, support) and while he has identified the need for support as the key factor, I didn't see a viable solution. That's why there are so many people interested in cellular networks and tools - check out mPESA in Kenya - 13 million people sending > $400million per month using SMS micropayments. Now there's a solution that was well thought out and that scaled well.

Comment: Help Us! (Score 1) 229

by enaso1970 (#36881622) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Geeky Volunteer Work?
I'm the IT Director for one of the international NGO's with offices all over Africa. There are a a ton of things you can do, depending on what your skills are. - Mobile technology is exploding - look at some of the mHealth and mPESA projects and systems - Systems administration is always useful - Teaching - Non-geeky work - may be the most useful for that short a period Are you interested in working with someone beyond the 1-2 month period? A couple of notes above that I would emphasize: - Most of our problems are power and skills and cost-related, not just technology - Africa is huge and diverse and often not safe once you are off the beaten tourist-track. I've had an AK pointed in my direction twice in the last year. Once with the safety off and fingers on triggers. - You won't be a shining knight - focus on one or two small things Get in touch if you'd like some more advice or contacts or you could help us....

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