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Comment: what's the point? (Score 1) 264

by empraptor (#31730894) Attached to: Android Copy of Young Woman Unveiled In Japan
Big whoop. People have been making much better products for ages. Don't need huge grants. Add bodily fluids and bake for 9 months. Might as well subsidize baby making with that research money. Probably will get more units out of money spent. What is the point of trying to make something as close to human as possible? Shouldn't they be trying to make something that does things humans can't do?

Comment: Re:stupid question but..... (Score 1) 563

by empraptor (#26423059) Attached to: Obama Proposes Digital Health Records
HL7 = cow dung. Thousands of pages of documentation to define code values and what they mean. That's not a protocol. It's just a list of values. If HL7 had any elegance to it, it might pass for a protocol. As it is, it's just a pile of shit for which you have to pay hundreds of dollars just to read the description of every undigested leaf of grass and the amorphous goo that holds them together.

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