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Comment: Re:Thanks for pointing out the "briefly" part. (Score 1) 461

by emj (#47317579) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

before or after you add int he cost from illness caused by pollution? Before or after CO2 impacts?

After. And the costs get worse when you start factoring in capital costs, opportunity costs, etc.

I've heard that in a few years solar will be cheaper than coal in China. So....

Comment: Re:Great job David! (Score 1, Flamebait) 86

by emj (#47133353) Attached to: A Bike Taillight that Goes Beyond Mere Taillighting (Video)

I do expect my investment in an onboard camera to pay off, unfortunately, when one of these bumbling fools gets too darn close for comfort. Sorry, but stupidity should pay a price in real life. Why should I get stuck with the bill because I drive carefully and you do not?

Well you are driving around in a massively dangerous thing that destroys the lives of so many people, that's why you should pay when you hit a person. Because when cars are driven too fast, anything above 30 km/h, they kill people.

Comment: Re:Familiarity (Score 1) 589

by emj (#46926337) Attached to: Microsoft Cheaper To Use Than Open Source Software, UK CIO Says

I've never understood what exchange+óutlook actually gives you, please enlighten me. I supported a couple of houndred people using exchange in grad school, the most complicated question I got was how to make your address book sync properly. It might be all those extension that people write for Exchange, which sync to strange places.

Comment: Re:No way I could trust a self-driving car (Score 1) 98

by emj (#46906925) Attached to: Volvo Testing Autonomous Cars On Public Roads

Once self-driving cars hit the road in any numbers, it will become really, really expensive to try to be a jerk in traffic. No speeding. No lane cutting. No tailgating. No weaving. No nothing - just follow the traffic flow and the law to the letter and spirit or you will get reported. And of course your insurance rate will like go up, simply by being a human driver.

It's not clear that they will be allowed to record all that, at least not in Sweden, which this story is about. Privacy problems and all that.

Comment: Re:If you want to hoard bits... (Score 1) 983

by emj (#46468385) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

If I were doing this with drives, I'd grab an 8x SATA card, 8 4TB drives, an external hot-swap shelf, and setup RAIDZ-2 with compression on it. .... Cost is about $1800. That's totally a backup. A second set of backups is another $1300.

Can somebody compare the cost for tape?

You pay about ~$1800-$2500 for tapes, a tape driver, and SAS card, depending on vendor, an extra 27 tapes to store 20TB again would be about $700. The big win is that the tape setup take less space, changing tapes every 800GB is not so hot though, but you get used to it. I've used 4 tape drives in parallel to be able to backup all data generated durng the day, it's ok, you learn to handle that with the morning coffee.

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