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Comment: Re:is there a simple android edit/add client? (Score 2) 25

by emj (#49724065) Attached to: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Responds In Nepal

Osmand supports editing openstreetmap if you install a plugin, it's not the most convenient way since osmand is supposed to be for navigation. You can also use amenity editor which allows you to add stuff from the webbrowser.

But no, just adding a POI is not something openstreetmap excels at, I guess it's something that is prone to abuse (see Google maps).

Comment: Re: So what? Feel free to move into a cave. (Score 1) 186

by emj (#49627621) Attached to: The World's Most Wasteful Megacity

Using taxis for everything because the lower classes take the train is a lifestyle choice.

That's still a lot more efficient than what most other Americans do, which is drive 30-60 minutes each way on their daily commute, using their own car.

Taxis are very good for the citylife compared to a car, and it's a nice way to share fixed costs. But CO2 wise taxis are a lot worse since they have lots of dead mileage when they aren't transportning anything. Bicycles though is a good alternative now in NYC, it's nice that they are doing streetdesigns to help people transport themselves by switching between bike/bus/walk/metro.

Comment: Re:Hostile environments (Score 1) 634

by emj (#49576085) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

I'm often offended by people (and this is likely an army mentality thing) who complain about problems instead of actually dealing with them and I do admit, I think I have used that argument before in such situations as I felt that if it's a real problem worth pursuing, one would do something instead of talking about it.

No. If you only do and never talk you will never understand what other people think.

Comment: Re:Why isn't public transport 'free'? (Score 1) 198

Anyways, what you need to do is look at all these costs and decide if it makes sense. It might be cheaper and have more impact to simply subsidize the heck out of plug-in hybrids, or develop a Zipcar style system.

Cars costs a lot, especially in space, that is the biggest subsidize you get. Sure it's a sunk cost for all apartments and houses, but it's still something that we pay a lot of money to maintain and extend. Individual cars will never ever be cheap, it might seem like it's cheap if you think that everyone should have one.

Comment: Re: Too bad there's so much car ownership there... (Score 1) 198

And the issue here is pollution, not traffic. These shared cars are electric, so not a problem.

In the spring lots of particles are released from the road, those particles have slowly accumulated during a long period of wet weather. Decreasing traffic reduces the amount of those particles that are launched up into the air, not by much, but hopefully enough to not be fined for it. I guess electric cars help a bit but not enough by a long shot.

There are three ways to solve mobility in cities

1. walk
2. public transport
3. bikes

Trying to use cars for personal transport has failed for all cities that has tried it.

Comment: Re:So much for Debian 8, then... (Score 1) 338

by emj (#49211811) Attached to: Google Chrome Requires TSYNC Support Under Linux

"Chrome gathers statistics on how it's used so it's evil and we don't care if it breaks". WTF?

That's not even remotely what the Debian devs said. The Google Devs choose to disable support for anyone who want to have a stable Linux experience, so Ubuntu LTS users won't have Chrome extensions until 2017.

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