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Comment: Re:I guess i am old (Score 1) 119

by emj (#48724737) Attached to: Bots Scanning GitHub To Steal Amazon EC2 Keys

No, he was surprised that what he *thought* were keys to S3 unlocked the whole kingdom. In reality, the keys he was using were root credentials, and were always intended to unlock the whole kingdom.

This is entirely Amazons fault they should improve their crappy credential system. The is point that everyone makes mistakes so root keys are a really bad idea. Especially since you generate them when you are in a "just get this shit working" mode, not "lets design a super secure key management system" mode.

Comment: Re:Irony (Score 1) 441

by emj (#48316973) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

Much of her argument comes down to the fact that she wants to work with people who look and act like her, not like me.

No she says it's hard to fit in if there is no respect for diversity. It's your choice to make the interpretation that belittles her opinions about diversity. Group-think is comforting when you are in the group, but doesn't really work when you widen your horizon.

Comment: Re:Tech Up Bringing? (Score 1) 441

by emj (#48316913) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

[..] it's quite reasonable for anyone to want to have folks at work that they can relate to [...] It's pretty uncomfortable being the only dad at a kid's birthday party.

No! It's about people being more including, and you can't ever be including if you are always in your own non-diverse bubble. I have no problems being the only dad at birthday parties, vice versa for my girlfriend. I have heard some stories told about fathers the eighties when it wasnt normal to split parental leave, but now days it's normal and you get no funny looks. But we do get 480 days of parental leave to spend for 7 years, so there is more to play with.

Comment: Re:When is something well-known enough to not cite (Score 2) 81

by emj (#48267765) Attached to: The Most Highly Cited Scientific Papers of All Time

I've had (clearly non native) reviews complaining incorrectly about English constuctions that I've used, and recommending I get a native English speaker to review it. The nerve of that is quite astonishing and it would be funny if such reviewers didn't generally revel in making the life of authors as miserable as possible.

You know I have lots of friends who work with native speakers to make their texts easier to read, strange constructs is just one thing they remoev.

Comment: Re:They will move to a different charging model (Score 1) 488

by emj (#48025655) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

The utilities model is based on the notion that you can recover your capital costs (and more) over the lifetime of the plant. The rapid rise of solar in particular is putting that at risk, and utilities are caught between a rock and a hard place. They can fight by keeping power costs low, and lose, or they can fight by raising their power costs--however they want to do the accounting--and also lose.

Utilities are infrastructure, it is possible to seperate the big plants from the network, it's already done in many places. The question is how much of the network should the customer pay for and how much should the generator pay for. Solar is putting that to a test.

55% of my electric costs is network related, for some houses it's 90% of the cost..


MIPS Tempts Hackers With Raspbery Pi-like Dev Board 88

Posted by timothy
from the do-what-thou-will dept.
DeviceGuru (1136715) writes "In a bid to harness the energy and enthusiasm swirling around today's open, hackable single board computers, Imagination Technologies, licensor of the MIPS ISA, has unveiled the Creator C120 development board, the ISA's counter to ARM's popular Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black SBCs. The MIPS dev board is based on a 1.2GHz dual-core MIPS32 system-on-chip and has 1GB RAM and 8GB flash, and there's also an SD card slot for expansion. Ports include video, audio, Ethernet, both WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, and a bunch more. OS images are already available for Debian 7, Gentoo, Yocto, and Arch Linux, and Android v4.4 is expected to be available soon. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the board is that there's no pricing listed yet, because the company is starting out by giving the boards away free to developers who submit the most interesting projects."

Comment: Re:perhaps men and women are different? (Score 1) 579

by emj (#47783235) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Perhaps you could expand on how Facebook emulates what you see in the yard with girls? It really has never occurred to me. Please remember that your own experience is a very small sample, and your opinions will rule over your experiences (some kind of personal conditioning, the exact term in english alludes me atm).

Comment: Re:Thanks for pointing out the "briefly" part. (Score 1) 461

by emj (#47317579) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

before or after you add int he cost from illness caused by pollution? Before or after CO2 impacts?

After. And the costs get worse when you start factoring in capital costs, opportunity costs, etc.

I've heard that in a few years solar will be cheaper than coal in China. So....

Comment: Re:Great job David! (Score 1, Flamebait) 86

by emj (#47133353) Attached to: A Bike Taillight that Goes Beyond Mere Taillighting (Video)

I do expect my investment in an onboard camera to pay off, unfortunately, when one of these bumbling fools gets too darn close for comfort. Sorry, but stupidity should pay a price in real life. Why should I get stuck with the bill because I drive carefully and you do not?

Well you are driving around in a massively dangerous thing that destroys the lives of so many people, that's why you should pay when you hit a person. Because when cars are driven too fast, anything above 30 km/h, they kill people.

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