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Submission + - What are the Tech-Friendly Industries?

emeri1md writes: As I'm sure most Slashdotters would agree, the economy is between a rock, a hard place, and a pointy stick. Even though I'm happy to have a job, I find I don't care too much about the industry I work for. While I'm compiling a list of industries that interest me, I wonder how hiring and retention is for each industry. As we are a diverse bunch, I put the question here: How does hiring and retention appear to you in your industry?

Comment Weasel Alert (Score 1) 654

While I agree that evilviper has a very pragmatic solution to the dilemma, there are certain questions that only you can answer.

How would you feel about being an outcast to that community?
How much do you believe in open source?
Do you really want to work for a Microsoft wannabe?
Which do you value more at this point: freedom or a paycheck.
Do you really need this paycheck?
What would your family say?

Jobs come and go. A good programmer is never out of work for long. If you truly wish to keep working on this open source project, then pass on the offer. If you need a paycheck to support your family, then go with the job. Family first.

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