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Comment Re: Where is deniability? (Score 1) 391

Great, yea give the guy who just wanted his stapler the power to fuck with anyone. Lets see here, I have the logs, I have the access, I don't like you. Uploading child porn. Where would you find child porn? Fuck it, pay an artist 5 bucks, or draw it yourself. Stick figures should do it, just label it, "The pictured stick figures are minors." Dial the hotline. Too easy to destroy someone this way, but much like terrorism it's hard to even talk about it in a public setting reasonably. Politicians? Forget it, they can't stop jailing people who smoke pot to not look soft on crime. Moral of the story, don't fuck with Sys Admins.

Comment Re: Nice to know tax dollars are at work flogging (Score 1) 54

Well yea, where does action start from? Starts as a priming wave pattern in the brain. Why stop a man from punching you, when you can make him believe he shouldn't? Things are a lot easier to control at the neural electricity stage before they turn into undesirable expressions, contractions of vocal sorts, and collection of ATPs exploding in a certain pattern. Ya know, think before you act.

Comment Re: Hallowed are the Ori (Score 2) 49

Hey uh, can I get a few millions to investigate existence of wizards? Wait, Big Foot, I've heard a lot about this mythical creature and we need lots of money. For science. No? Okay, so what if the enemy found wizards or the Big Foot first? They could have an army of wizards riding Big Feet. Imagine Chubacca, now imagine Chewey carrying Gandalf running at you. We got the funding? Wonderful, today is a big day for national security and science!

Comment Re: Hail Hydra (Score 1) 133

I think it came from the psychology of having a sense that all of the surveillence capabilities would probably be frowned upon if it ever went public. The next choice was likely C'thulu, but they went with the squid swallowing Earth instead. I remember seeing this on the Daily Show and going, "So the government can now measure individual methane contribution to global warming." Data is beautiful.

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