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Comment Re: Have you ever tried changing the 'culture'? (Score 1) 873

I agree with the asshat comment, the man is not a nice person. That's probably why he owns businesses around the world, for his marketable asshatery. It truly is disgusting, claiming, see? I'm a geek just like you little minions. Like a cat with mouse ears, sitting by mice.

I do love feminists though, hard women and soft men are entertaining concepts, until they become the norm, but humankind alternates from Gods to Godesses, much like social norms.

Personally I come from a family of strong and assertive women, and although technically feminism only states that men and women are equal, I find it easier to say yes m'am than yes sir on communications etiquette.

If you dive a little deeper into your own minds and answer the following questions, "Did your mother or your father punish you as a child, or did nothing to correct your behaviour?" Your perspective on this Linus vs. Sarah beef will make much more sense.

The real question is, are there any new bugs in the USB 3.0 code?
Keep it civil, make it work (Linus quit being a dick, you're not that old and we know you're human. Sarah quit, oh, well she already did... YEA LINUS, congrats on dropping a mentos in a closed soda bottle), and keep the code bug free.

Comment Re: Glorious! (Score 1) 165

Back in the old days in Turkey oh I'd say in the 70s, bossman would pull up a small chair, get his news paper and watch all his employees as they worked, loudly sipping his tea. As soon as he looked away employees would try to rest, nobody trusted the bossman back then, they just trusted each other. I'm glad we're over such sweatshop treatment of the all watchful eye.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]