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Comment Bite size! (Score 1) 95

Professional knowledge in a subject is slightly more complicated than a buzzword can describe. But we seem to be evolving a culture of cite-reference-and-we're-done (it's good to cite references, but you're not done). Albeit we do have the cheap storage and vast information retention capabilities to the masses, but even major comedy productions go the route of, "Hey remember this other funny thing?" and that's a joke now (this describes the entire reddit culture as well, person A ("x was on y") => person B ("haha" || "booo" || "cool" || "kill yourself")). So yea, we need to realize learning everything about one thing isn't easy, it sucks, but if you want to, you need to climb the hill, oh and here are some bite size pieces of cool information to get you motivated. Unless we build genetic knowledge like insects, then yea it would be totally easy.

Comment Re:Who can get away with short titles? (Score 2) 87

I have to agree here. There is a reason why scientists tend to keep names pretty simple, like Big Bang, Black Hole, x Dwarf, x Giant etc. Title should communicate a short overview, but one should keep in mind the range of people who would be interested in reading it. In the end what matters is if you communicated the entirety of the information correctly.

Comment Opt-In (Score 1) 234

The feature could be available, but the user should be able to remove it should they choose to. Now if your car has the auto-stop feature, that might make things easier with the officer, then again a crook could simply turn it on just before they approach a cop, sort of like buckling up when you see a cop. In no way should it however become a required feature, we might "live in the future" but we still have slavery in today's day and age, lets not forget we evolve very slowly.

Comment China was right! (Score 1) 134

Perhaps the whole Internet Addiction is a real concept after all. I personally know a handful of my friends are trained to check their phones when they hear the "ding" the facebook app makes when you get a notification. Most social applications are designed to be addictive, and given they are custom tailored to the user's data that's not too difficult to code nowadays. Perhaps we should prepare infomercials for public schools and T.V. showing the dangers of not having an attention span (focusing potential) for more than 5 minutes like a squirrel on chocolate coffee due to constant distractions. This is certainly something the parents will have to teach their children, but I suppose that generation doesn't really have families of their own yet, nor do they see anything negative about it. Who needs attention span? *ding* Ohh! My friend posted his lunch on Instagram!

Comment Re:Of course it never gets past the event horizon. (Score 1) 166

But no special rules occur, no loss of information - and no singularity.

That's such a one dimensional point of view :) We don't quite know do we? It's funny how event horizon seems to be flat. If you subscribe to Mr. Mandelbrot however, nothing is truly flat in this Universe, it seems likely that black holes aren't either. The whole idea of, "information is lost" when it's clearly radiating information out in the world of the very small and apparently random, "feels" impossible (hence the paradox). I certainly hope Mr. Hawking can prove what feels right :)

Comment Re: Kind of self-defeating (Score 1) 110

From a programmer's perspective. A moving object with detectable skeletal structure (can still detect legs, arms, torso) that's missing a face can mean a few things in a surveillence system. Zombie, headless horseman, or a doll animated by dark magic. Any of those things would be more of a point of interest than "another human with a face".

Comment Exactly What Out of the Phone? (Score 1) 392

Seriously though, fine the phone is encrypted, locked, finito, can't get to the data in the phone. What about having a warrant for call records? You want the texts and call records, you don't need the phone. From there you got your list of people to continue the investigation. Are you seriously telling me looking at a person's Tetris score on their phone is critical somehow? Can we get some real law enforcement officers on the case?

Here's the million dollar question, whats stopping the killer from writing down a confession on paper, just working out the math by hand? It's pretty much sounding like, "Sorry citizen, you can't math."

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