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Comment Re: Still legal? (Score 1) 21

Because people realized there is more money in selling broken products which are not immediately obvious than selling non-broken products. Pop-Station (PSP knock-off) from China is a similar story. Is it possible to make a secure product? Absolutely. Will any company produce one? Absolutely not, because triple letter companies (err security organizations), and friends, need to get in your phone. For your safety of course, or the terrorists win.

Comment Re: Religion (Score 1) 519

This guy gets it. Say you got a bridge you need to build and you're a politician. A major crisis happens where chickens start exploding all around the world. First thing the politician in going to say is, "We're sorry for all the children, an our brave sons and daughters who have lost their lives to these evil chickens... *moment of silence* ... now if we only had a bridge built, we could transport more chickens!"

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