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Comment: FUD and BS (Score 1) 364

by emakinen (#46120971) Attached to: EU Secretly Plans To Put a Back Door In Every Car By 2020
So there is an unofficial network of european police depts called ENLETS (European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services). They have a wish that something like this could be put into cars. To post this into Slashdot as real news story means, that the editors have no understanding of how the EU works. It's a strong democracy with powerful member states. To pass this proposal is as probable as to ban hand guna in Texas. Someone might plan it, but it does not mean they'll succeed.

+ - Ask Slashdot: How do you secure your communications? 3

Submitted by emakinen
emakinen writes: NSA and British intelligence have been monitoring data from major US companies and overseas internet traffic, as many of us have thought even before the media reports. I'm wondering, how fellow slashdotters have secured their communications. Email encryption? What mobile OS to use and not to use? Best VOIP service? Instant messenger? TOR, proxies, VPN? What options are there for a person with moderate tech skills and willingness to spend time on open source software?

+ - Candidate Selection Engine for the US Presidential Election->

Submitted by
emakinen writes: "In Finland, web-based candidate selection engines are mainstream. The idea is that first the candidates answer some twenty to thirty questions. Then the voters answer the same questions. The selection engine suggests candidates that best match the replies given by the candidates. Finland's main newspaper Helsingin Sanomat has now published a candidate selection engine for the US Presidential election. This candidate selection engine is far simpler than the standard selection engines, and the answers have been deduced from the public statements made by the candidates."
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Comment: Swedish aid to Cambodia began in 1979 (Score 2) 250

by emakinen (#41244215) Attached to: Did Sweden Pay Cambodia For the Pirate Bay Co-founder?
Swedish development aid to Cambodia began in 1979. Since then Sweden has given millions of dollars to Cambodia. The article by The Next Web and Torrent Freak have no evidence at all to back their claim. It's biased reporting, based on no research and strong prejudice. It is ridiculous to claim that Sweden would use millions of dollars to arrest a man, who is, from government perspective, a petty criminal.
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+ - Oil Company Neste Tries to Shut Down Parody Site->

Submitted by
emakinen writes: "Environmental NGO Greenpeace has been campaiging against Finnish oil company Neste Oil. Recently, they published a parody site about Neste biofuel impact on rain forests. Neste is now trying to shut the parody site down using a trademark complaint to WIPO. Furthermore, the Swedish ISP for Greenpeace, Loopia, has today shut down the original site, according to a newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish). In a game of cat and mouse, Greenpeace has already opened a mirror site."
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+ - Open Ministry crowdsources laws in Finland->

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emakinen writes: "From today, the new Citizens’ Initiative Act will come into force in Finland. According to the new law, a required minimum of 50,000 citizens of voting age can launch a bill that Parliament then has to process. On the Open Ministry website, anyone can present an idea for a law initiative. If the idea wins enough support, the ministry’s volunteer workers will work on it and turn it into a presentable bill for the MPs to chew over. The site is founded by NGO."
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Comment: It's not that serious (Score 2) 95

by emakinen (#38574140) Attached to: EU Proposal Would Encourage Web Users To Flag Suspicious Web Pages
You can read the full draft proposal of CleanIT project here: Although the draft itself seems bad, this CleanIT is basically wishful thinking by some police organizations. It's far from becoming a law, or even a proposal for a law.

+ - Finnish Home Secretary wants police to use biometr->

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emakinen writes: "Finnish Minister of the Interior would give the police the right to use the database of fingerprints collected for biometric passports in investigating serious crime. According to her, this would be necessary because of the public interest. In practise, this would mean that in three years every Finn with a passport would have their fingerprints registered by the police."
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Comment: Understanding is the point (Score 1) 426

by emakinen (#32547884) Attached to: New York Times Bans Use of Word "Tweet"

This entire situation is not a matter of "do people understand what we're saying?"

As a journalist working for major newspaper, I disagree: the point of not using 'tweet' is to make text more comprehensible. Twitter is relatively new thing. Majority of layman readers won't know it even exists. The real problem is how to explain Twitter in just one or two words, Should I write 'social media service Twitter' or 'microblog service Twitter' or what?

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