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Comment Re:No one is asking YOU (Score 1) 683

I sorta agree. Mars is dead. Humanity (for the most part) vastly underappreciates how vital internal heat is to life on Earth... and the lack of the same on Mars will make it a perpetual sinkhole for any energy we invest into it. Nuking the poles won't change that... just give a very brief warm/wet spell. Any colonies on that planet will have to be enclosed and perhaps even sub'martian' for the most part... until we've grown powerful enough as a specie to move it into a lunar orbit around something massing enough to knead its core back into action, akin to galilean moons, perhaps. That said, this is not reason not to go. The path to other stars will need a few steps along the way, and for that Mars is a worthwhile part of the path. 'omg, it's hard' is a terrible excuse.

Comment um... yes, actually (Score 1) 365 ... there may be a lot of folk out there who think they can code after having had such a late start in life, but practical experience among the best of universities have found that the tide of talent showing up at their doorsteps has been pretty deeply out, due to lack of having the right opportunities at the right time.

Comment *headdesk* (Score 1) 105

Thus demonstrating and extremely narrow definition of geo-engineering (which somehow excludes dominating the landscape if climate changing practices like... oh, I dunno, forced agriculture, urban sprawl (as opposed to urban hives), fracking from one horizon to the other, mass deforestation, etc etc etc ad nauseam.) Developing healthy practices that both sustain people while reversing the damage (and yes, we've a myriad of examples to choose from, and many many more in the pipeline) AT SCALE... is geo-engineering, too.

Comment Re:Easy as 1-2-3 (Score 2, Interesting) 269

Yep, yep, sorry... Apple (as an organization) has consistently delivered hardware that we could count on, met or surpassed our needs (and alternative vendors), etc... then again, we haven't had any trouble with them when delivering apps for googleplay and ios side by side (re, the article), but they're not centric to our organization's offerings just yet, either.

Comment Re:Why Force Your Children to Live in the Past? (Score 3, Insightful) 734

Exactly; when what you get back is so much more valuable, it is worth it. Still, as an American, it is easy to get cynical about taxes when they've been redirected to burden the poor and working classes the most, let the rich off scott free, buy very little medical care, roads that are usually in disrepair, bridges that are falling into rivers in rush hour traffic, law enforcement that's losing its war with its own conscience, a bloated and demonstrably less-than-effective military, etc etc etc. We've grown accustomed to getting much less than we pay for.

Comment suffice it to say (Score 1) 795

Science is a methodology bent on correcting itself; Anything you like can go in the front of the process.. a hunch, an observation, a bit of math, some statistics suggesting a previously unknown pattern, etc. The process, done correctly anyways, will whittle away at it until the truth remains. As NDT suggested, science is not a noun, but a verb.

Comment Re:Beyond what humans can do (Score 2, Insightful) 708

Do you really have so little concept as to the scale of human damage? A single average-sized car puts out 4.75 metric TONS of carbon every year (and about 2-3 years worth during its construction and a little bit more during its destruction.) At last check there were more cars in the use being operated than there are drivers... and that's just one country... whilst this amount is being dwarfed by carbon emissions tied up in industrial agriculture (local/natural agriculture trends toward carbon neutral to negative, but can only sustain modest populations the likes of which we haven't seen on earth for over a century.) The fact that YOUR individual contribution to the damage done is a drop in the bucket does nothing to deny the fact that you are not the only person on earth... it's a tiny place in the grand scheme of things and we've overrun the place and are spending carbon, water, and oxygen like there's no tomorrow... which is no longer a mathematically implausible scenario as a result. The world's WORST extinction level event was also a climate change one, and we've reach the same levels at 40000x the speed... if life couldn't cope at that snail's pace (~1000000 years of constant hawaii-style volcanic carbon farting, killing off some 95% of all life) why do you think it (or we) will fare any better doing the equivalent of flying this jet into a brick wall?

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