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Comment: Re:Hired a gun (Score 1) 201

by techno-vampire (#49827259) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison, and ...
Your life is in the hands of twelve people who were not smart enough to get out of jury duty.

If that's your opinion of jury duty, I wouldn't want you on the jury if I were being tried. Jury duty is a civic responsibility, and one to be taken seriously rather than something to dodge if at all possible. And, if you have that low an opinion of the average jury member, shouldn't you consider it even more important to do your part and help them do their job better? I've done jury duty, including a complex civil suit that required us to answer a number of questions, each depending on what had come before. (It had to do with a verbal contract. First, we had to decide if there was a contract because if we didn't think that there was any contract, the other questions became moot, and the others were tied together in a similar fashion.)

Comment: Re:One such stamp will pay for *all* the research (Score 1) 43

by techno-vampire (#49820245) Attached to: How Biostamps Can Replace Clunky Biomedical Sensors
Glucose tests cost $1/test strip, and even mildly rigorous control takes roughly 5 strips/day.

That depends on how well controlled your diabetes is. My Endocrinologist has me checking before breakfast and at bed time, only. The only time he wants more is the four days before he sees me, and then he wants before each meal plus bed time. Of course, my readings are well controlled and my Ha1C has been within acceptable limits for the last several years. YMMV, and if you're having trouble with your numbers, I can easily understand needing to take four or five readings a day. Of course, I'm Type II, diagnosed about 13 years ago, but I can understand just how tired of the constant monitoring you can get.

Comment: Re:Unintended consequences (Score 1) 128

by techno-vampire (#49810877) Attached to: China Unveils World's First Facial Recognition ATM
On the other hand, maybe that is a good thing.

I don't know if it's a good thing or bad; it all depends, I'd guess, on how often people need to do things like that. I just wanted to point out that there can be times that the facial recognition can cause problems, even without the issue of false negatives.

Comment: Unintended consequences (Score 1) 128

by techno-vampire (#49810739) Attached to: China Unveils World's First Facial Recognition ATM
Let's say that I want to loan a trusted friend some money. I give him (or her) my ATM card and PIN. They get the cash they need and bring me back the card and receipt. For some people, that's not at all unusual, if they're right about who to trust. Even so, this facial recognition is going to make this kind of routine transaction impossible.

Comment: Re:Oh, that Orange County (Score 1) 166

805 should mean something to you as should 484.

I've never made any secret out of which county I live in, and in this case that tells you my area code. What's interesting is that even if you know my real name, if you look me up on Google, you'd have to go through several pages before you found the first link to me, although at least one of he images on the first page is mine, and it's over a decade old and I've changed considerably since then. No, I don't want you to publish everything you know about me because I'd consider it just as unwise as I do. And, I never said that there were over 20 Glendales in Ventura County; I said that there are over 20 in the US. Last, I know how you learned my name; if I'd wanted to keep that a secret, it would have been trivial to do so, meaning that I probably wasn't concerned in hiding it.

Comment: Re:The key assumption are (Score 1) 166

I guess the question is how do they determine location?

I connect by ADSL. I've checked with various websites that claim to show where you are based only on your IP address and what they show is where the DSLAM is located, over three miles away. Unless you're using a static IP, that's about as good as they're going to get.

Comment: Re:Get rid of it (Score 1) 389

by techno-vampire (#49787079) Attached to: Obama Asks Congress To Renew 'Patriot Act' Snooping
Kids are forced to pay for aged baby boomers who didn't save their money to pay doctors to guess at extending their lives another month or two. Old people are gonna die, don't make kids pay for doctors who can't change that.

I'm a retired boomer, and a 'Nam vet. I get all of my medical care from the VA, meaning that some of what you pay in taxes goes to keeping people like me alive. If you feel so strongly about not paying for other people's medical expenses, I'd be glad to have you exempted from having your taxes used this way, provided only that you also accept the fact that when you retire, you won't be eligible for Medicare, Obamacare or any other government assistance program other than Social Security and that only because you've probably spent your working life paying into the system. And no, I didn't vote for BO, I voted against him; twice.

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