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Comment Con Crud (Score 2) 83

Everybody who goes to conventions, especially conventions for hobbies, SF, fantasy, mystery, gaming or media interests knows what con crud is. It's a type of cold or flu-like disorder that many people come down with either at those conventions or just after. Not everybody gets it, of course, and few people get it every time, but as long as there are a few people there who are in the contagious stage, it's going to be passed around. I've been lucky, so far, because in several decades of attending SF and media cons I've never come down with it. I also try to make sure that I get adequate sleep while I'm enjoying the con and that just might be why I've been immune to it. Remember, if you want to come home healthy, don't insist on partying all night, every night and be sure to eat at least one healthy meal every day.

Comment Re:Count me in (Score 1) 83

The early morning starts are doing the children a huge disservice...

Don't blame that entirely on the school system. Parents who let their children stay up late and don't make sure that they get enough sleep (Children need more sleep than adults do.) are just as much at fault, if not more so.

Comment Re:Nukes are safer than coal. (Score 2) 244

Most people would think that Ground Zero, right where a nuke went off (or below where it went off, for an air burst) would be the best example of a radioactive wasteland, but it's not. There are two places in Japan known as "Peace Park," one in Hiroshima and the other in Nagasaki. I've visited the second of the two and stood on the grass next to the statue pointing straight up to where the blast went off back in 1945. I mentioned this to a friend, once, and learned that he'd been to the other one and they're both covered with grass, bushes, trees and flowers.

Comment Re:I have bought 5 Belkin products (Score 1) 47

In the router options, it no mechanism for setting the router to not require a password.

Even if you ignore the fact that this "sentence" has no verb, it still isn't clear what you mean. Are you saying that there's no way to set the router up so that it doesn't require a password (good) or that you can't set it to require a password (bad)?

Comment Re:How do I upgrade? (Score 4, Informative) 139

Wrong. Ubuntu continues to roll out updates for everything, including the kernel, for every version it supports. You will continue to receive new kernels for Ubuntu 14.04 right up until it reaches End Of Life, just as you will with Fedora. (For Fedora, it's versions 21 and 22 that are currently supported.) Please learn what you're talking about before replying, instead of just guessing.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 36

The real problem for me is, you can't personalize the characters at all. No choice in the names, genders, appearance or stats. You're stuck with whatever the game designer gives you with no way to make it your own. I don't know about anybody else, but customizing the characters, both at the beginning and as you find or buy new equipment is part of what makes these games interesting, as does picking which skills to add or enhance as time goes on.

Comment The way this should end (Score 4, Insightful) 744


In the long run, he's not going to be satisfied until he's created his own OS, kernel and all because he calls anything he didn't write a "broken concept," whatever that is, and does his best to shove his version down everybody's throat. And, since his version is far more complex, far more pervasive and much, much harder to use or maintain, the community suffers. I do wish he would get off the pot and start developing the One True (Pottering) kernel so that the rest of the world can go back to ignoring him.

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