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Comment: Re:stopped using it? (Score 1, Funny) 857

by elsurexiste (#40482007) Attached to: Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button

Who the hell is their focus group? I've not met a single person who doesn't use the start button.

Now, you do: I've clicked the Start button in Windows 7 only twice in my life: the first time was to see what else is installed and the second one was only to remove entries from the frequently used programs list.

I attribute this to pinning, shortcuts, and putting every application and/or file on the desktop.

Comment: Re:This is why there should be a market for organs (Score 1) 291

by elsurexiste (#40455805) Attached to: Transplant Surgeon Called Dibs On Steve Jobs' Home

Actually, adding a monetary incentive will drive away the altruistic element and may, in fact, reduce the supply. It's called the overjustification effect. You Are Not So Smart run a nice post on the subject here.

As for owning your own body... What's the matter with donation after brain death? Technically, you are dead and incapable of having property.

Comment: Re:This is why there should be a market for organs (Score 2) 291

by elsurexiste (#40453065) Attached to: Transplant Surgeon Called Dibs On Steve Jobs' Home

There are a few reasons for a market prohibition. The first and foremost is that it coerces the poor. Imagine someone in extreme poverty: he'll no doubt sell one of his kidneys (IIRC, it's the most required organ), permanently impairing himself.

A more reasonable way is to make organ donation compulsory after death and/or live transplants only from family members older than, say, 35.

Comment: Enough! (Score 2) 48

by elsurexiste (#40412445) Attached to: A Universal Turing Machine In 100 Punchcards

Can the word "Turing" be mentioned in a Slashdot submission without some random guy bringing up his sexual orientation?

Everyone knows the story, it has been denounced and publicly acknowledged and an official "I'm sorry" was told. I welcomed those events and moved on. The meme, alas, persists. Even Simon Wiesenthal said something like "We can't pretend there weren't deaths in the holocaust, but we can't think about it all the time".

Now, can we talk about what's relevant? Like TFA?

Comment: Re:So religion is an evolutionary strategy (Score 1) 471

Religion, no. Hell, yes. If humans believe in both Heaven and Hell there will be no net effect on the crime rates.

Actually, no. FTA:

A growing program of research from across the social sciences now supports the long-held claim that religion positively affects normative behavior[1]

Comment: Re:In a world... (Score 1) 713

by elsurexiste (#40376249) Attached to: David Lowery On the Ethics of Music Piracy

The only measure of artistic capability seems to be the popularity of the artistic productions. Why not tying livelihood to it, as charging for consumption/copy accomplishes to some extent?

You are essentially saying "artists should get a day job" while conceding that most great art and artists went unappreciated in their time. Doesn't that make your brain bleed?

The meat is rotten, but the booze is holding out. Computer translation of "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."