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Comment: printer queue name? (Score 1) 15

by elmegil (#29830937) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Ubuntu and Network printing?
What I found was most challenging in setting up network printing without a windows magic driver was knowing the print queue name. MOST often it's "lp" or "default". You probably want to check for that information, and make sure that information is making it's way into the Ubuntu setup (btw, I have no experience with Ubuntu, just SuSE & RedHat). I would use LPD, it's a common denominator protocol. Good luck....

Journal: my conspiracy theory take on Foley 8

Journal by elmegil
Weird, isn't it, how ABC, a mere week or two after airing a miniseries that tried to completely re-write 9/11 history (as if the Republicans weren't responsible for distracting Clinton by dragging Whitewater & Monica through the press for years), is breaking a story that creates a HUGE media circus.
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Journal: Hot Blooded Adventures in Honing

Journal by elmegil
Two separate items:

Just saw an Unplugged version of Hot Blooded by Foreigner. Lou Gramm is sitting there singing while banging on...wait for it....A COWBELL!

Ok, so maybe I'm the only one who found that funny.

Journal: finally

Journal by elmegil
It seems that our esteemed editors have figured out how to have an RSS feed that actually preserves formatting. So much the better, now I won't have to come over here just to read it intelligbiily ;-)

Journal: hey opera heads (even if you're not Leo) 1

Journal by elmegil
I saw some interesting things about opera mini/opera mobile on the Palm site I read regularly, but....

Something is not clear and browsing for 10 minutes hasn't made it any more appears that there is a version (not clear which one though) that supports Palm OS (but not clear if it's anything but the Treo)....does it do Javascript? There's some verbage about AJAX support with "Opera Platform" or some such, but WTF is that?

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Journal: hey ellem

Journal by elmegil
No offense man, but I just don't have the energy to engage in more bullshit rising to the bait, and clearly I don't have the self control not to if it's in front of my face. Have fun stirring the pot without me.
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Journal: ah, the voice of reason 3

Journal by elmegil
Too bad more slashbots can't be forced to read this, Clockwork Orange style. Seems the last time the issue came up on the front page, hordes were claiming that iTunes and iPod were a complete lock in, despite the true facts.

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