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Comment Re:advertisers followed DNT, browsers broke the pr (Score 1) 73

Major advertisers starting following the DNT standard.
Then browser vendors broke the protocol, in such a way that it became useless.

We need ALL advertisers to be beholden to follow a DNT standard, not just a few key players.
Otherwise you'll just end up with all the other advertisers suddenly getting bigger when companies flock to the ad agencies that have better access to consumers since they are not honoring DNT. This will likely be followed by the ones that did agree to honor DNT ducking out of the agreement, because there are so many companies not following the rules so the initiative is worthless they'll say. The whole thing will just collapse on itself.

Comment Re:Who cares! (Score 1) 73

Don't need to tell me. I already use AdBlock Plus and Ghostery.
I just see no reason to start any sort of "do not track initiative" when there are going to be slimy companies that ignore it anyway and even if there were legal requirements they follow it, they would just relocate outside the jurisdiction.

Comment Re:MS charging for solitaire... (Score 1) 295

Let's remember that an operating system and computer applications are two different things.

Microsoft is no longer including a 100% free-in-cost Solitaire game with Windows, you're now asked to spend some of your attention watching ads to play.

That's not a change to Windows the operating system -- that's a change to some freebie game that was originally included with Windows. Call me back when Microsoft starts making me look at ads to mount a flash drive (with no way to disable them unless I pay).

Comment Re:Amateur level fail (Score 3, Interesting) 85

"The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Controller web interface uses JavaScript to check for client authentication and redirect unauthorized users to a login page."

You'd think that a company like Honeywell would know better about security, especially as they have a whole cyber security division...

I'm sure they don't see any reason to expend such resources on the consumer space.
That expertise is reserved for getting government contracts.

Comment Re:Title appears wrong (Score 1) 292

The courts regularly rely on the official annotations to rule on cases, thereby making them a part of the law.

While everyone is focusing on the copyright angle, I find that interesting.
If the court is unable to understand the laws without Cliff's Notes, there's something wrong with the laws themselves.

Comment Re:Chrome DOES have "mute tab" button (Score 5, Funny) 151

Chrome DOES have "mute tab" button right on the tab - I use it everyday ... Look at http://www.omgchrome.com/how-t... or just look up "enable chrome tab mute" to learn...er...what you should have researched before you wrote TFS.

You know, the summary is only four sentences long. Is your attention span too short to read the whole thing -- where in the next sentence it's mentioned it has to be enabled using the same trick you linked to?

Comment SHOCKING! (Score 3, Insightful) 64

Haven't we been reading about this for a few years now? LEO's not following the law when it comes to wiretaps and obtaining information from companies about customers they believe are connected to crimes they are investigating.

There's one thing missing in all these stories -- people at those agencies being held responsible for their actions.

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