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Comment: Because dead batteries suck (Score 1) 810

by elkto (#45500269) Attached to: Electric Cars: Drivers Love 'Em, So Why Are Sales Still Low?
Because sitting on the side of the road with dead batteries sucks. Paying five times the amount for the privilege sucks even more (Ok, I embellished a LITTLE). Who is vetting these articles?

I know, it sounds brash, but the statements pretty much sum up the situation. I would love a solution, just come back with one. At present, EV's present more problems than they solve (Economical, Infrastructure, Engineering, Safety....).

Comment: Because proof of Intelligent Design comes forward (Score 1) 1293

by elkto (#44901163) Attached to: Why Are Some Hell-Bent On Teaching Intelligent Design?
Other than dated manuscripts, there is no absolute road map for the design, just a rough idea. Yet science helps us understand that indeed a design is present. The Higgs Boson particle is a great example. Its spin shows that it is slightly unstable. When the time comes, all of this will disappear, that is amazing.

Let there be light, and BANG there it is. ( or the latest theory has a four dimensional universe creating ours through a Black Hole, fascinating )

I do not understand this war on ideas and thought from ANY party. The truth will come forward, just let it. If you are confident that your ides are sound, let it go forward for review by others. There seems to be too much wisdom in those old documents to simply ignore.

Comment: Re:Portablity? (Score 1) 188

by elkto (#42527469) Attached to: Loss of a Single Laptop Leads to $50k Fine Against Idaho Hospice
Thanks for the information. I was not aware that there was/is HIPAA I and a sequel HIPAA II. I can see a large upside to patent records portability and was/would champion the cause (still like a XML version over HL7). While understanding the potential for patent information misuse, I have not really seen any yet (Of course that could be a good thing).

Comment: Re:Portablity? (Score 1) 188

by elkto (#42521633) Attached to: Loss of a Single Laptop Leads to $50k Fine Against Idaho Hospice
I am seriously glad to hear it. Couple years ago, I had to call ‘connected’ people to obtain (purchase) data from one Health Care System cut to a DVD, and hand deliver it to a Hospital so that a child could be diagnosed. They had been waiting DAYS for the information. This in the middle of a population center of close to one million people. Did they standardize (cement down) HL7? (Not being confrontational, HL7 seemed to be in a state of flux last I worked with it i.e. lets add objects!)

LOL, I remember McKesson (who seemed to assimilate any competition) had problems with product lines communicating with themselves.

Comment: Vision of the future... More hyped vaporware.... (Score 3, Informative) 296

by elkto (#42168323) Attached to: Researchers Create New Cheap, Shatterproof, Plastic Light Bulbs
CFL's suck, they are only more efficient than an Incandescent lamp, which is a fairly easy mark to hit. LED's, though more pleasant to use, are marginally more efficient than CFL's, but not as efficient as a standard T8 florescent lamp (100 Lumens per Watt). Polymer based Electro Luminescence is not new; I am very interested in this efficiency they are talking about (which is painfully missing in the article, 5x more than what????)

Comment: It was the Processor: Z80 vs 6502 (Score 2) 231

by elkto (#40876979) Attached to: Radio Shack's TRS-80 Turns 35
I recall the real fight was between the Z80 and 6502 camps; the original RISC vs CISC discussions. The 6502 was certainly simple to program with its I/O being memory mapped. But as things evolved CPM certainly shaped up to be more of an operating system than what Apple's Basic Language OS variant.

I was routing for the 68000 to be the next step, but when Apple announced that the MAC was going to be a closed system (Pay for the SDK) I, as did many, jumped ship to the PC's 8088.

Comment: Re:If it a'int broke... (Score 1) 284

by elkto (#40450857) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Low Cost Way To Maximize SQL Server Uptime?
I am a big ROI type so I concur with the "If it a'int broke.." crowd.

That being said, a low power consumption (cool) CPU mixed with ECC RAM and a RAID 5 comprised of Enterprise disks will keep things up for years (or at least it has for myself and my clients). Power Supplies are an odd subject as I have not seen many failures, but some of my decade old ones are now losing caps.

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