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Comment Re:or else what, exactly? (Score 1) 155

No, they're requiring the manufacturers to put secure bootloaders on their devices, so you can't load your DD-WRT firmware unless it's been cryptographically signed, which you can't do because you don't have the correct private key to do so.

This doesn't mean it'll be impossible to load an alternative firmware, but it'll make it orders of magnitude more difficult (and likely require using a JTAG debugger to do so).

Comment Re:Apple can't modify Time Machine Firmware? (Score 1) 155

The software logic can be modified via firmware. But the RF side of things must be baked in as I understand it.

No, it's not. Alternative firmwares frequently allow modifying both the transmit power and the channels, which can easily make your device operate illegally. The channels, for instance, are different in, say, the US and Japan; some channels that are legal to use in Japan are illegal in the US. With mfgr firmware, this isn't a problem because they lock that stuff out in the ones they ship to the US, but open-source stuff doesn't do that (and can't, since you can modify it yourself since you have the source code).

Comment Re:At least you know what kind of food... (Score 1) 20

It won't be "Chinese food" if that's what you're thinking, it'll be actual Chinese food. The stuff they make for us Westerners isn't real Chinese food (and too bad too, the westernized stuff is great). Most westerners wouldn't care much for most authentic Chinese food.

Comment Re:Great--humans getting back into space (i know I (Score 1) 20

Not quite. In Firefly, both the Chinese faction and the American faction were strong in space exploration, so the two languages spoken in the new society after the migration were English and Chinese.

In real life, what's going to happen is the Chinese will be the only ones strong in space exploration, while the Americans and their buddies sit around and bitch about how it's a waste of money and how the Moon landings never happened, and when it becomes clear the Earth-of-old is about to die (whether it's climate change or asteroid impact or whatever), the Chinese alone will create generation ships and seek out a new star system, while the rest of us perish as the planet becomes uninhabitable. So the society you saw in Firefly won't ever happen; it'll just be a Chinese-descended society in the new star system. It'll probably strongly resemble the Alliance, but without an actual "alliance" (it's just one power, no alliance necessary), and without any rebels.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 228

To change it, they could introduce a full featured package manager (e.g. like Linux uses) which would make it easier for people to install from official repositories than to go elsewhere

That won't work. They would have to convince all the ISVs to switch to that, and they're not doing it. They're already trying to push something like this now, and the ISVs aren't interested because they don't want to pay MS for the privilege of being part of their app store, they like the current model just fine.

Comment (Score 1) 274

Everything I've read about it indicates that it's mainly popular among social conservatives, partially because of the way their matching algorithm works and the assumptions it makes; is that not true? For instance, homosexuals are completely barred from using the site IIRC, as is anyone in an open relationship.

As for OKCupid, most of the women I see on there are also looking for a serious relationship (this isn't so true on Tinder, of course). But the ratio sucks.

Comment Re:having lived in Turkey (Score 1) 137

You're missing the point that the Turkish military are (comparatively) liberal, which is not the case with Egypt, Syria or Iraq.

Yes, it is. The Egyptian military is not more conservative than the Muslim Brotherhood; that's why they deposed them. Same with the other places: the autocratic regimes were more liberal (i.e., secular instead of Islamist) than their populations and the groups now vying for power there.

Comment Re:Not bad in principle (Score 1) 104

Anger is a much more powerful motivator than being happy with something.

Speak for yourself. I'm much more motivated to leave positive reviews than negative ones.

And if someone is actually angry at a business for bad service or bad products, why shouldn't they be able to leave an angry review.

The way you overcome negative speech is with positive speech. So do the right thing and get good reviews.

All I'm saying is that there has to be a way to counterbalance human nature to give a somewhat fair and accurate picture.

Sure, you come up with a way to "counterbalance human nature" that doesn't favor people with the money to hire reputation managers.

These online fluffing services are going to do nothing but benefit those with money. They will absolutely, positively NOT give a fair and accurate picture of anything. They'll just allow people with resources to hide their misdeeds.

Comment Re: So what? (Score 2) 104

Even for college classes which bar use of Wikipedia directly, going through the citations and downloading/buying the works that were mentioned to read is a solid way to write a paper.

Wikipedia is one of the few places on the web that I can get meaningful info without having to deal with paywalls, full page ads, demands to create a user account or link to FB (so they can post freely as your ID), or other crap.

Of course, it isn't perfect. It is hard to get past the stage where any meaningful/relevant/on topic additions to an article don't just get blindly reverted by another person because one is a new user and doesn't have any reputation.

Comment Re:Too early (Score 1) 32

Be careful dismissing Republican candidates as clowns during a primary. They always look like clowns then.

Not really. It's actually a fairly recent development that is still on the ascent. It seems reasonable to think it's going to get worse for a while yet before it gets better.

They'll do it grudgingly, but they'll do it.

Technically, yes, although lack of enthusiasm was certainly a factor in Romney's loss, and the trend is certainly borne out this cycle, what with Trump, Carson and Fiorina getting the lions share of polling and praise.

See, the base is done. They've been on this particular trip 40 years now, and they got shit to show for it: Abortion is still legal, gays can marry, semi-socialised medical care is now a hard reality, and liberals haven't been hunted to extinction. Not to mention the hot topic on the evangelical wing right now is disengagement because they know for damn sure that they've lost the culture war. So any RINO as nominee will have all the problems that Romney had, and then some (and then some more if you're Jeb).

and that's genuinely hard to predict.

Not really. As I suggested in a previous JE, a Clinton/Bush matchup pretty much goes Clinton's way since her husband's baggage is easier to tote around than Jeb's brother's baggage. And that's the analysis for a close race!

The other wildcard is Rubio:

Eh, I dunno, the base hates him too. And he still has to go through Bush just to get to the top of the list of the non-crazy candidates. Just too many hills for him to climb.

but something has to happen to the Democrats to swing them back left

Look, I know Obama is a centrist technocrat, but jesus, the last eight years haven't been that bad for liberalism in the US. For fuck's sake, you people literally got the best possible candidate and president a liberal could hope for in the climate of 2008 and all you've done is bitch bitch bitch, instead of trying to seize any of that momentum to build for better things.

And the same goes for Hillary, to a lesser extent. Yeah, as a liberal, you could do (technically) better, but unlike the Republicans she won't invade Iran, she won't repeal Obamacare and she sure as shit isn't going to treat minorities like second-class citizens. This might sound like small beans to you, but considering where the country was ten years ago, it qualifies as a goddamn miracle.

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