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Comment: Re:Don't get a liberal arts degree (Score 1) 392

by elfprince13 (#47920171) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?
As the GP said, there are some rigorous top tier liberal arts schools that only offer BAs "on principle", so you should check into your applicant's backgrounds to see what the story is. I went to one that made the BA/BS distinction, and took the BS route, so I can mostly sidestep that particular mess, but from what I've heard there's definitely still some discrimination on the engineering side of things.

Comment: Re:The short version (Score 1) 114

by elfprince13 (#47599317) Attached to: How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil
I hit both of your target demographics, and have family ties to the Christian music scene (my cousin in law has toured as the Gettys' bassist, and was next door neighbors with one of Anberlin's band members, my dad wrote Mark Heard's biography, frequently plays and/or speaks at SoulFest, and organizes the Vermont Conference on Christianity and the Arts), and, well....I didn't realize "Christian DJs" were a thing people hired, and now that I know, I still can't imagine hiring one for a wedding reception. Maybe a youth group event or a YoungLife overnight.

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