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Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 367

Say I'm a dude who likes banging housewives. I'm single, don't give a flying fuck if my membership is exposed.
Say I use the website to bang some housewives, and then meet the love of my life, get married and have a couple kids. I never use the service since meeting the love of my life.
Few years go by, the data breach exposes me as someone who used that service. My wife leaves me, my kids hate me, my co-workers ostracize me. Have I done something wrong? Maybe, if banging some housewives while single is wrong. Point is, trust is shattered today over something from the past which is irrelevant today.
Maybe I even had told my wife "hey, before meeting you I used to bag housewives" and she was okay with it at the time, but perceptions can change drastically based on information that one would understand emotionally rather than logically.

Hell, before meeting my wife I was rather promiscuous, but people change. Bringing out the skeletons in the closet helps nobody.

why did you decide to share your whole life with someone you won't share your whole life with? might want to start with that one


it helps people think twice before acting.

and that's always a good thing

Comment Re:Yeah, nice, but (Score 1) 253

How about losing the cap? Gigabit means I can get to the cap in a couple of hours now.

this is part of their business plan. they're helping you reach your cap faster so that they can save money by shutting you off the remainder of the month!!!

or sell you more data.

wait. that actually might be what's going on

Comment Re:OMG!!! (Score 1) 94

Check out this amazon review of the fire tv version of twitch:

There is no search which is odd considering twitch is owned by amazon.

Why cripple your own app? It works fine on the roku and roku Doesn't own twitch.

Please prove me wrong.

Seriously I would like to be able to search twitch on my fire tv.

who said anything about crippling? Silly people have this silly notion that corporations are less silly.

Who's sillier? The 'silly', or the 'silly' that 'sillies'...wait,what?

oh yeah, the Fire Phone. It had 4 cameras to... do silly things. Silly people at the top really have no freaking clue what silly people at the bottom do.

My point: statistically, attribute more to stupidity than malice.

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 4, Insightful) 467

will feed into the NRA mantra of everyone being armed everywhere every time

which would have made everything a lot easier.

you do realize not more than 15 years ago you could fly with a weapon in the cabin. I'm sure you're also aware of the violence statistics in Chicago after they lifted the handgun ban.

What the gods would destroy they first submit to an IEEE standards committee.