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Comment Re:Dell Mini 10 has no problem with YouTube (Score 1) 110

A Dell Mini 10 doesn't handle Youtube just fine. It doesn't handle it fine in Windows 7, and it doesn't handle it fine in Jolicloud Linux. Jolicloud is one of the very, very few OS's that plays nice with the godforsaken Poulsbo chipset, with built in support, but it's still a framedropping mess with flash.

HDMI out, putting Hulu to a TV? Get ready for about every other frame to be skipped/dropped.


Submission + - Unix Admin's Unit of Production? 4

RailGunSally writes: I am a (strictly technical) member of a large *NIX systems admin team at a Fortune 150. Our new IT Management Overlord is a hardcore beancounter from Hell. We in the trenches have been tasked with providing "metrics" on absolutely everything from system utilization to paperclip recycling. Of course, measuring productivity is right up there at the top of the list. We're stumped as to a definition of the basic unit of productivity for a *nix admin. There is a school of thought in our group that holds that if the PHBs are simple enough to want to operate purely from pie charts and spreadsheets, then we should just graph some output from /dev/random and have done with it. I personally love the idea, but I feel the need for due diligence, so I put the question to the Slashdotters: How does one reasonably quantify admin productivity?

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