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Submission + - London Stock Exchange 'under major cyberattack' du (

DMandPenfold writes: The London Stock Exchange’s new open source trading system may have been hacked last year, according to a report.

The alleged attack came as the LSE began the switch over to the Linux-based systems, according to the dates referred to in the Times newspaper.

The continued threat of cyber attack has resulted in the LSE keeping a close dialogue with British security services, which this year branded cyber attacks as one of the biggest threats to the country.

There were major problems on the exchange on 24 August, when stock prices of five large companies collapsed

Submission + - Spammer Lance Atkinson Fined $16 Million (

Nashville Guy writes: According to The Age in Australia:

A New Zealand man living in Queensland and believed to be behind the world's largest spam operation, has been ordered to pay more than $16 million for running the illegal enterprise.

Lance Atkinson, 26, originally from Christchurch, was living in Pelican Waters on the Sunshine Coast when the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had his assets frozen last year.

The FTC found Atkinson and American Jody Smith were at the centre of the world's largest internet spam operation, dubbed "AffKing", having recruited spammers from around the world.

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