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by elbonia (#46669175) Attached to: Most Expensive Aviation Search: $53 Million To Find Flight MH370

The US used custom Black Hawk helicopters that were designed for radar evasion. Not only that, helicopters are about 1/10 the size of a 777 and hover a few hundred feet above the ground using terrain to hide their signature.

"Also, some governments like Pakistan may be involved in the disappearance."
Have you looked at a map of southeast Asia? Do you know how many countries would also have to be involved in order to get the plane from Malaysia to Pakistan? The plane doesn't have the necessary fuel reserves to fly the known flight path, then deep into the Andaman sea, then to arc around India but be hundreds of miles away to avoid radar, and then cut through the Arabian sea into Pakistan. The only way for the plane to make it to Pakistan is for it to cut through the airspace of several countries including India. Why would all of those countries, especially India, all couloute together and do that?

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by elbonia (#46667593) Attached to: Most Expensive Aviation Search: $53 Million To Find Flight MH370
Your theory makes no sense. For it to land somewhere it would need to fly into the airspace of country. So which one would just let some unidentified aircraft enter it's airspace let alone land on a runway without saying anything? The only place you can fly for hours without being picked up by radar is over the ocean.

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by elbonia (#46433109) Attached to: NASA Admits It Gave Jet Fuel Discounts To Google Execs' Company
You don't seem able to follow simple facts. The fact of the matter is that these are private jets bought by executives, who happen to work for Google, with their own private money and for their own private needs. That makes it have nothing to do with the Google corporation. Not a single penny from Google Inc. went to this company. You're clearly the mook on this one.

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by elbonia (#46403771) Attached to: Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

From the article:

“But it’s probably overly simplistic to say that everyone should go on a low-protein diet at this point.” Among the many caveats, for example, is that the mouse study used a single strain, though different strains can have different reactions to diets such as calorie restriction. Kaeberlein also thinks it’s unlikely that reduced protein alone explains the dramatic impact of calorie restriction on lifespan.

Mice strain can have a huge impact on the results.

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by elbonia (#46214003) Attached to: Death By Metadata: The NSA's Secret Role In the US Drone Strike Program

Drone strikes have been in use for more than a decade. In that time, according to the article, 2400 people have been killed including 273 civilians. So exactly how is it that they are kill happy?

In fact reported civilian casualties in Pakistan have fallen sharply since 2010, with no confirmed reports of civilian casualties in 2013.

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by elbonia (#46043583) Attached to: Protesters Show Up At the Doorstep of Google Self-driving Car Engineer

"Google may keep a bus route for 1 person they believe "key" in a project" I find that very hard to believe. Do you have a source for that statement? If a person is that key they would just get a town car to take him to and from work. It would be far cheaper than renting a bus & driver and more convenient for the "key" employee.

If you don't move closer to work it doesn't mean that more tax dollars won't be spent in the city. Since more people live in the city they will naturally spend more as they go out. After all that was the whole point of living there in the first place. Also SF has been raking in more and more in property taxes since the bus system was in place and now property tax revenue is at an all time high.

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It was MiniScribe, from the court documents:

In mid-December 1987, Miniscribe's management, with Wiles' approval and Schleibaum's assistance, engaged in an extensive cover-up which included recording the shipment of bricks as in-transit inventory. To implement the plan, Miniscribe employees first rented an empty warehouse in Boulder, Colorado, and procured ten, forty-eight foot exclusive-use trailers. They then purchased 26,000 bricks from the Colorado Brick Company.

On Saturday, December 18, 1987, Schleibaum, Taranta, Huff, Lorea and others gathered at the warehouse. Wiles did not attend. From early morning to late afternoon, those present loaded the bricks onto pallets, shrink wrapped the pallets, and boxed them. The weight of each brick pallet approximated the weight of a pallet of disk drives. The brick pallets then were loaded onto the trailers and taken to a farm in Larimer County, Colorado.

Miniscribe's books, however, showed the bricks as in-transit inventory worth approximately $4,000,000. Employees at two of Miniscribe's buyers, CompuAdd and CalAbco, had agreed to refuse fictitious inventory shipments from Miniscribe totalling $4,000,000. Miniscribe then reversed the purported sales and added the fictitious inventory shipments into the company's inventory records.

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greater now than the same difference between slaves and slave owners back in the days of Rome. Money wise, slaves had a better life than us "free" people

That's totally incorrect, do you have a source for that stat because it sounds completely wrong. The wealth of the Dives vs someone who was a slave is probably the greatest wealth separation in history. Lookup the structure and wealth of Rome and figures like Marcus Crassus or Tiberius Claudius Hipparchus.

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