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Comment: Re:Whatever happened to (Score 1) 240

by eladts (#45128879) Attached to: Linux RNG May Be Insecure After All
The laws of physics, namely quantum mechanics, do include randomness in them. Everything is probabilistic in principle. Usually, this randomness isn't manifested at large scales, but under certain circumstances it can be. That's how you build a hardware RNG.

Comment: Google has an API to their data (Score 1) 39

by eladts (#43402699) Attached to: OpenWLANMap: Free WLAN-Based GPS Replacement
Which is used by Chrome and Firefox to provide w3C geolocation support. You can call like the following example:

> curl "|ssid:10160|ss:-26&wifi=mac:00-26-50-38-ca-11|ssid:2WIRE084|ss:-69"

"accuracy" : 27.0,
"location" : {
"lat" : 37.32097479999999,
"lng" : -122.0276630
"status" : "OK"

Comment: Re:Finally, an end to Google's daft IPv6 policy (Score 1) 463

by eladts (#38740618) Attached to: June 6 Is World IPv6 Day 2012: This Time For Keeps
All web browsers and most other Internet apps these days will try IPv6 first if DNS reports an AAAA name. That's not true. It used to be like that several years ago, but most modern OS will prefer IPv6 for DNS lookups if and only if the computer has native (that is no 6to4 or teredo) address. Otherwise IPv4 is preferred.

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