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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 754

"LAMP stacks" aren't affected at all here. Apache or whatever your webserver is should already be running. I run LAMP stacks, and so I know systemd has nothing to fucking do with that shit, at all.

So systemd is not going to restart Apache when it goes down? If it does that proves you are lying, either because you are trying to cloud everything in FUD or because you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Comment Re:David Edmundson answers your questions (Score 1) 754

changing the system time & date without root or sudo?

On a "personal workstation" system like my laptop... yes, please.

On a multiuser system... no, of course not.

There will be policies to control whether this stuff is allowed. The KDE guys know what they are doing.

Yeah, systemd will be great for all those servers running KDE that needs to be rebooted frequently.

Where do you defenders of the Church of Systemd come up with this stuff?

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 754

I suspect though that most of them are actually running windoze, because they're gamerz, and their *nix flag-waving is purely theoretical.

Now try to make your argument without the ad hominems.

Since you enjoy hurling personal attacks it must be OK for your others to do so too:

Do you enjoy sucking LP's tiny penis?

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 754

As hardware gets more complex making a more complex uses possible, the underlying OS needs to become more complex to support it. There was a very disruptive change in PCs when people moved from single tasking to multi-tasking. It destroyed Amiga. It cost Microsoft something like $8b. It essentially destroyed Apple.

Looks over at the stock market, Apple's stock price this fine Sunday morning is $117.81.

If that is your definition of "essentially destroyed" then there is absolutely no reason to take advice about systemd from you because someone so willing to demonstrate their lack of clue proves that they don't really know what they are going on about..

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 754

There code is so crap nobody can write an alternative?

I cannot understand your "logic".

Watch this Heartland Institute video []

LOL, logic isn't exactly strong in you, young padawan, because anybody who links to video defending climate change deniers isn't being "logical":

claims of scientific certainty and predictions of climate catastrophes are based on "post-normal science," which substitutes claims of consensus for the scientific method. This choice has had terrible consequences for science and society.

Yup, 99 out of 100 scientists have reached a consensus that climate change is real and no amount of propaganda from the oil industry will change that.

Unless there is evidence first, that is how the scientific method works. Show us your evidence that climate change does not exist or you are responding emotionally in a knee-jerk fashion.

Kinda like how the defenders of systemd do as they accuse their opponents of doing exactly that same thing.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 754

You sound like an emotional clueless person, not like a developer.

Yup, an ad hominem always wins your argument for you!

I've fixed several long time invisible misconfigurations by myself thanks to it.

Taking a cue from above, you must be a shitty system administrator because I have never seen any invisible misconfigurations myself

Why are you (a) misconfiguring your servers and then (b) hiding those misconfigurations? Sounds like you are trying to create job security for yourself.

Comment Re:Austin is different (Score 1) 464

No, it's rather experienced of me to say that. I lived in Austin for a year and eight months, and visited every major city and many minor cities in Texas at least once.

Then you must not have spent a lot of time in South Texas. Austin is cool but San Antonio and Corpus Christi also rock. Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley are nice too but then again I am Hispanic and speak Spanish pretty well.

The rest of Texas is as you described, either rural White redneck or multi-cultural urban areas. I spent 30 years in Houston, parts of it are OK but during the period I lived there it just got too damn big.

San Antonio today reminds me of Houston when I first moved there, a small big city. It is growing great guns right now but the cost of living is still pretty low and you can get a decent house for $125K.

Comment Re:Austin is different (Score 1) 464

eh, Austin isn't quite like the rest of Texas. I mean, it's consistently favored Democratic politicians, often by a 2:1 margin...

Hispanic South Texas also votes blue:,_2012

I'm not quite sure how it happened this way but, I think the soundest the theory is all of the smart/sane people in TX banded together in one city to make their last stand, Alamo-ish style.

A large part of it is because of the Hispanic influence. The only parts of Texas that are cool are from Austin south to the Rio Grande Valley and west to El Paso, basically where there is a heavy Mexican influence.

Currently there is some conservative lunacy going on but it should not last too long as the White people are getting old and Hispanics are out-reproducing the Whites.

San Antonio is actually a pretty good tech town also if you are into computer security area due to all the government/military jobs around here. San Antonio is a lot cheaper than Austin and there is a lot going on around here. Austin is pretty close by so you can take a quick trip there on an as-needed basis.

Comment Re:10 years was a decent rest (Score 1) 438

The Enterprise personnel were hyper competent in narrow fields while as a team they failed do everything correctly.

Let's see, Enterprise 1.0, the first one ever, nobody knows what the ship is capable of, nobody has written the book yet. So you are wrong, there is no correct yet as they are playing it by ear.

Fanatically anti-fanatical

Nope, your sig is a lie. You are fanatically anti-Enterprise and anti-Voyager. Two thoughts come to mind:

1) The worst Trek is way better than your average TV show today, and

2) If you think you can do better they why don't you make your own science-fiction TV space show and get it on the air so you can prove it to us.

It is easy to criticize from the cheap seats as it costs you nothing but then again it also adds nothing to the conversation.

Comment Re:This is it! (Score 1) 578

Good, off you go. Enjoy your horrible unconfigurable spyware. We don't really care what you use that much. Just don't come crying to us when you're butthurt about (insert this week's awful thing forced on users).

Hmm... I am a big Linux guy and haven't gotten butthurt about anything from Micro$oft yet.

I am running Server 2012 with the Desktop Experience as one of my desktops, it is running Hyper-V on that box (with another Server 2012 instance running an Active Directory server plus a couple of CentOS, Scientific and Fedora Linux installs), it is also running Synergy controlling several desktops, it is also running Adobe Creative Cloud (mainly Photoshop these days) and Paint Shop Pro 6, plus it is running the latest Flash and Silverlight for Hulu and Netflix.

Guess what? Everything works great. I don't even run an AV program on it. But I know what I am doing. Professionally I am an Linux admin and I am about to get a BS in Computer Security so I know how to lock a box and network down. I know how to configure a firewall and run a caching DNS server that filters out a lot of bad sites APK style.

On Windows I can use puTTY and VNC to work on Linux boxes so I can get work done. Linux-wise I just got off of the Fedora rat-race and standardized on CentOS and Scientific 6. I use very light desktops (Fluxbox or Xfce) and I can use RDP to hit Windows boxes from Linux.

Here are a few clues for you:

1) Quit being such an OS bigot. I am bilingual, two languages is definitively better than one. I can drive manual as well as automatic transmission cars, it comes in handy to drive both. I can get work done on a computer as long as it is not a Mac (not being able to move the minimize/maximize/close buttons to the right side of the window? really?).

2) Quit spreading anti-M$ FUD. M$ makes stuff that works, heck I am even impressed with Windows 10 and I never have nice things to say about M$, and

3) I just had to laugh when you said "Enjoy your horrible unconfigurable spyware" because I immediately thought of systemd! That is the main reason I am standardizing on CentOS/Scientific 6, thanks to systemd BSD may become my next OS.

Different stroke for different folks, some of us don't want to limit ourselves when we use our computers...

Comment Re:Will Use Neither (Score 1) 100

It's like buying pseudoephedrine at the drug store. They ask for something you HAVE (your driver's license), and they verify it to a reasonable extent. Without an active arbiter, you can only use something you KNOW. Imagine buying pseudoephedrine on Amazon. That something you HAVE becomes something you KNOW because all you can do is type in your driver's license number, state, and expiration date. At the drugstore, they expect a physical card with a photo that looks like you and a magstripe that swipes with valid data. They can also physically see if you look like a tweaker who's got the shakes because they need another hit.

You are an idiot. You do know that you need to process pseudoephedrine to turn it into meth? That the amount of pseudoephedrine needed to make meth is a lot more than you get at a drugstore? That most "tweakers" are consumers, not producers?

The laws "controlling" pseudoephedrine are nothing but security theater, it is a hassle for consumers yet it has not affected the supply of meth out there. The people making meth buy barrels of the stuff and not at your local drug store.

After saying stupid stuff like that it is very easy to discount any "computer security" knowledge you claim to have. You should have just stuck with a car analogy and have people think you are a moron rather than saying shit like this and proving it to the the world.

Comment Re: Big Sister is watching (Score 1) 781

The ones who have a problem are the ones who either have a desire and are not talented (describes well over 80 pct of men tech too) or who just get offended at the notion that a team can function perfectly well without women on it.

I guess you are part of the 80 percent of you would have used your real name instead of hiding behind an anonymous login. Just saying...

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

If you are doing it as a hobby (instead of watching TV, posting on /. or whatever) then those man hours cost nothing.

Nope, economically there is always a cost. In this case the TV you missed or the /. posts you did not submit.

Whether or not the cost incurred is significant or important to you there IS is a cost involved.

Comment Re:Heh (Score -1, Flamebait) 474

Ouch! Hot button issue with me.

The diversity push is one of the more irritating things I've experienced in my career. For several years we have had to interview someone who is a minority or female before we can hire a White male. Sounds like a simple way to improve diversity, doesn't it? 'Course, unless you can get a "diversity candidate" to apply, you can't hire anyone. We love when a "diversity candidate" applies, because we can finally hire a White male. It's even better if the "diversity candidate" is the best-qualified candidate, because then we don't have to argue with HR about not hiring the "diversity candidate".

BTW, the "diversity candidate" phrase came from HR.

Fixed that for you so it reflects the reality of IT in the US in 2015

Did you know that Texas is majority minority today and will be Hispanic majority in a few years. Hiring only White males is racist and sexist but you all do it anyway because White males are somehow "more qualified".

But we minorities all know that the real reason White males hire other White males is that you would rather go out drinking with other White males than us minorities:

Guess Who Doesn’t Fit In at Work

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.