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So all your web browsing is under webuser, how do you refer to web manuals while using an application as user?

Notice I said a separate webuser for porn surfing. I don't usually have issues with websites containing tech info infecting my PCs, but that will could change in the future.

Personally I find application manuals on the box itself are usually pretty useless. When I need that sort of info I will 'su -' to the regular user and use elinks to search the internet. If I really need to see the pretty pictures I will run a VNC session as the regular user and connect to that.

SSHing to a Linux box and tunneling a VNC session to my local desktop also works great on Windoze. For those times I am stuck on a Windoze PC that has net access I always carry a copy of putty and vncviewer on a USB flash drive.

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Unless of course, the script has an exploit to give itself root access - which plenty of such are frequently being patched.

Very true, I glossed over the whole exploit gaining root access thing because the hypothetical webuser should not have root or sudo access. If the webuser could possibly click on an exploit to activate it then they really should not have any sort of root access. Why would a user who only exists to surf porn on the web need that sort of access anyway?

As far as taking advantage of a buffer overrun to gain root access, that is a crappy programming problem that can affect any OS, not just Linux. if you are that worried about that problem then run Linux in a VM and have no important data either on the VM or on the VM's host. If you do get compromised then you can revert to a prior snapshot. You can copy the compromised VM for further forensic study before you revert if that kind of thing interests you.

Contrary to the OP's assertion I think that the OS you run absolutely matters. I would use a reverted Linux VM for further porn surfing without a second thought. With Windows if you have a special VM and host for porn surfing then it would probably be OK too if it was on an isolated porn surfing VLAN. Otherwise you run the risk of Windows reaching out to other Windows boxes and doing a drive-by and infecting those too. If you are that paranoid about security then it probably would not hurt to use an isolated porn surfing VLAN for your Linux VMs too.

Of course I am only referring to criminals trying to exploit your boxes. Once you start talking about state actors working under the auspices of a nation's government then everything goes out your Windows (pun intended).

You could air-gap any boxes you want to protect but then then that information can become pretty useless to you because it is hard to access when you need it. And air-gaps (as well as fine-grained access controls) will not prevent INSIDERS from compromising your systems, which makes me wonder why more criminals don't try bribing insiders to accomplish their nefarious ends like governments have been known to do in the past.

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Umm... last time I checked, I admit it has been a while, pretty much the same is possible in Windows.

This is how flamewars begin. If you are really talking about the problem being users (which I agree with) then you need to keep it general and you do not need to reference ANY operating systems.

As for the racist bit, if you read the line to the end you'd have noticed the reason why it doesn't matter. Please do so next time and save me the need to point out the obvious.

I did not call you a racist, I only implied you were not being truthful. You need to learn how to parse what you read better.

As far as the truth, you keep referring to individual operating systems when it sounds like you are trying to say they don't really matter. If they don't really matter then why do you keep mentioning them?

In order to get your ideas across better you need to improve your English writing skills (i.e., don't say stupid shit like you are not trying to start a flamewar). If you are not trying to start a flamewar then it should go without saying (i.e., it should be "obvious").

And yes, the operating system does matter. You are only looking at Linux usage on the desktop, how many servers run Linux? If you add them into the total Linux usage then then the "market" is pretty big. Linux servers can get compromised too, in fact the only Linux boxes running AV these days tend to be servers.

Anecdotally none of the friends who I set up with Linux (and NO antivirus) for surfing porn have gotten owned, so I would say contrary to your assertion the OS you run DOES matter.

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As for "but it's more secure because you don't need root for every shit": The current big thing, cryptolocker, would work just as well on Linux. It needs no special privileges, all it needs is to run as the current user to encrypt all of the current user's documents and hold them for ransom.

Hmmm... You have a regular user called user who has their docs in /home/user. You surf the web with a different user, say webuser, who has their docs in /home/webuser. If webuser is dumb enough to run a script that encrypts /home/webuser what has the hacker accomplished?

They haven't touched anything in /home/user. You can log in as root and run: 'rm -rf /home/webuser' then 'mkdir /home/webuser'. Copy a few files from /etc/skel then run 'chown -r webuser:webuser /home/webuser' and you are back in business. Or you can run 'userdel -r webuser' and 'useradd-d webuser' and you are good to go.

Either way whoever encrypted webuser's files just wasted their time with very little to show for it as the problem can be easily fixed by you at the cost of just a couple of minutes of your time.

Also just about every Linux user I know has good backups of their documents. If you happen to be stupid enough to get your home directory encrypted and you don't have good backups then you probably shouldn't be using a computer much less using Linux.

I don't want to start the flamewar of whether Linux is more secure than Windows.

Yeah right. Every single racist I have met has told me "I am not a racist". Just because someone claims something is true that does not necessarily mean that that something is actually true.

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In a sense, it's almost unfair (DISCRIMINATION!) to pretend everyone is equal and the expect them all to sit in a classroom or office and get along when some people are at a drastic chemical disadvantage in such environments.

Only on Slashdot can someone be brazen enough to equate egalitarianism with 'DISCRIMINATION' (there I fixed the spelling for you).

Must be OPPOSITE DAY and I missed the memo or something.

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Journal: On Sabbatical in Spain

Journal by el_chicano
Rackspace Hosting has a sabbatical program for seven year employees. I am currently on sabbatical in Salamanca Spain, you can read more about it here:

Zimmerman Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder 995

Posted by samzenpus
from the up-to-the-jury dept.
George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin, was charged with second-degree murder. He faces up to life in prison if convicted in the shooting. From the article: "Special prosecutor Angela Corey announced the charges but would not discuss how she arrived at them or disclose other details of her investigation, saying: 'That's why we try cases in court.' Second-degree murder is typically brought in cases when there is a fight or other confrontation that results in death and but does [not] involve a premeditated plan to kill. Corey would not disclose Zimmerman's whereabouts for his safety but said that he will be in court within 24 hours."

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Slack gives you a nice command line environment, but it's not worth my time anymore until its package manager can resolve dependencies.

I first started using Slackware Linux when you had to download multiple floppies to install it. I really liked Slack because it was a great way to learn Linux. I stopped using it because it was pretty difficult to upgrade versions.

I switched to Red Hat because you could get books containing an installation CD-ROM. Afterward I switched to Mandrake because it was RPM-based and had a bigger set of userland tools than Red Hat. I stuck with Mandrake until about version 10.

Afterward I started using CentOS due to the availability of third-party repos like RPMForge and EPEL. I recently switched to Scientific Linux due to them bringing out the latest version months before CentOS did. Half of my boxes now run Scientific Linux 6.

My other Linux boxes are now running Arch Linux, which reminds me a lot of Slack. Arch uses a rolling release model and it has pacman, an excellent package manager that handles dependencies really well. If you like Slack but are frustrated by a lack of a package manager that handles dependencies you should really give Arch a try...

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That said, I am not a sysadmin...

You did not have to tell us that, it is quite obvious from your post.

I do not like having to patch my kernel... < to yadda, yadda, yadda >

I AM a professional Linux systems administrator and I have never had to do any of what you described over the last 15 years I have used Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, Slackware, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Arch and various other distributions).
Maybe if you chose supported hardware you would not have this issue? You don't seem to mind having to buy supported hardware to run your precious OS-X.

I do not like having two(!) different sound systems being installed, and my system still not always have sound.

Checks current systems -- ALSA works fine for me out of the box. Extra sound system? I am a control freak so I got in the habit of building my systems up from a minimal install which means that I don't install that POS called Pulse Audio. I will admit that there are little pieces of OSS lying around but they never seem to get in the way.

Linux usability? I'm sorry it sucks. It always sucked. I used GNOME...

That is your problem there. GNOME sucks, not Linux. KDE has gotten as bloated as Windows so it is starting to suck too. Fluxbox rules!

1. It's hard. It's hard to do it right. It takes resources. It takes time. It takes expertise...

Hmmm... I am currently running CentOS on most of my multimedia boxes, mainly because I support Red Hat servers at work. Let's see, minimal CentOS install, install the RPM Forge repo RPM, yum install [fluxbox, vlc, etc.]. Not exactly rocket science there buddy!
As far as resources, if you are speaking hardware I have a P-II 300 running Fluxbox on Ubuntu in my workshop. The result is sweet, sweet music while I work on my carpentry projects. Can you even get OS-X to run on older hardware? I'll bet you need a CPU made within the last two to three years to get OS-X to install much less run.

Linux doesn't have the resources when it comes to interfaces, and everyday office software.

How many interfaces does the Mac have? One? There are plenty for Linux, it is the user's choice as to what to run. Choice is good.
As far as office software, Open Office works great for me. I even put it on my Vista laptop because the stupid new MS Office ribbon menu UI sucks big time.

There's no coherent feel, beyond shoddy. You'd think after all these years, someone would get it right, but they never have, because of #1.

All my boxes have a feel that is exactly right for me, because I know how to set them up that way. They are all internally coherent, which is all that matters to me.
I don't like having to run my computers the same way everyone else does because Jobs or Gates/Ballmer dictates that is how it has to be. And I sure as hell don't like having to pay for additional software to do simple stuff like changing the stupid Office ribbon menu UI into the old-school UI I prefer to use.

Desktop Linux can go die in an alley and rot, for all I care. Anything beyond a server, and it's worthless.

If you want to give Apple all that $$$ that is your business, I prefer to keep my $$$. Just because you are a major FAIL when it comes to setting up Linux does not mean that Linux is worthless to others.
By the way, I checked out your hacks to get MacOSX to boot on non-Apple hardware link. I don't have to perform ANY hacks to get Linux to work on my PCs.
The procedures listed on that page ARE system administration tasks and relatively advanced ones at that. Besides, I thought the reason you Mac fanbois run OS-X is because of Apple hardware. Why on earth are you trying to get people to perform the difficult task of installing and running OS-X on non-Apple hardware in the first place?

Informative my ass...

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My company and my school both use MS Office, so thats what I use. Its a PIA to transfer documents back and forth, the formatting always gets screwed up, just not worth it.

Maybe its just me but I would prefer to read a poorly-formatted article with actual content in it rather than a nicely-formatted one containing no content at all. As far as your brain goes, the first is a good meal and the second is only empty calories.

My preferred way of making documents? I use SSH to tunnel to a VNC session running on a server and then use OpenOffice on the server. Any Windows machine I use only needs a copy of puTTY and VNCviewer available before I can get to work.

The nice thing about doing it this way is that all my documents remain on the server. To me the big PIA is having to move documents between computers at work, school and home in order to work on those documents in those different places. Using OpenOffice on the server means no more unnecessary moving of the documents from computer to computer.

Another thing I like is how VNC saves the state of your session. You can be in the middle of a working on a document and then find out you need to go to another location. You close the vncviewer and the next time you open up the vncviewer again you will be where you last left off.

One disadvantage is that in order to access your documents you have to be on a computer connected to a network. I find that these days whenever I am at work or at school it is rare to find a non-network-connected PC. If I need to get on the network while away from home I can always go to a Starbucks and grab a cup of coffee while connecting to the network from there.

Another downside is that printing is a pain. I haven't bothered to set up remote printing yet, that is on my to-do list. If I need to distribute a document I will usually export it to a PDF file and send that out as an email attachment. PDF is a good format to send to others because everyone has a PDF viewer.

I also use Open Office on my only Windows machine, a Vista laptop. I do not want to run any bootleg software nor do I want to pay for a copy of MS Office. On the most part Open Office under both Linux and Windows works well for me on a day-to-day basis.

I have had only minor formatting problems with documents when transferring files between computers if they have been saved in the older Word 97/2000 format. Unless you are doing some funky document formatting the older Word format should also work reasonably well for you.

I have been receiving more .docx files these days, the odf-converter-integrator plug-in really helps as far as allowing me to import those files into Open Office. If I need to work on those documents I will convert them into the older Word 97/2000 format before working on them.

If your formatting is constantly having problems then I suggest you look into using styles to format your document. If you use a style sheet to define the look of your document it will convert more cleanly which means fewer problems with the formatting breaking on you.


Robot Love Goes Bad 101

Posted by samzenpus
from the become-my-robot-bride dept.
hundredrabh writes "Ever had a super needy girlfriend that demanded all your love and attention and would freak whenever you would leave her alone? Irritating, right? Now imagine the same situation, only with an asexual third-generation humanoid robot with 100kg arms. Such was the torture subjected upon Japanese researchers recently when their most advanced robot, capable of simulating human emotions, ditched its puppy love programming and switched over into stalker mode. Eventually the researchers had to decommission the robot, with a hope of bringing it back to life again."

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"Elite [sic]" - How did I misspell it?

Elites, it is plural. It is not one elite but a set of elites that run this place (look up subject-verb agreement).

Xenophobia - The dictionary definition is a fear of unfamiliar things. That is why I call it a survival instinct.

From Wikipedia
"For xenophobia there are two main objects of the phobia. The first is a population group present within a society that is not considered part of that society. Often they are recent immigrants, but xenophobia may be directed against a group which has been present for centuries. This form of xenophobia can elicit or facilitate hostile and violent reactions, such as mass expulsion of immigrants, pogroms, or in the worst case, genocide."
Genocide as a survival instinct? That is a new one on me.

Closet racist - !?!?!? You are the first to suggest I am. So far, none of my friends has accused me of that -- White, Indian, Asian, or (for lack of a better term), my friends with dark skin who are neither American nor African.

Having non-White "friends" does not automatically make you a non-racist. Here is an idea, why don't you tell your non-White "friends" that xenophobia is a "survival instinct" and see how well they receive the news. I'll bet your non-White "friends" will start having second thoughts about your alleged lack of racism...

Are all white men bad? Are all other people good? ... If your evil "White Men" did not allow women to vote, who voted to give them the right? Could there perhaps be white men who truly believe all people were created equal? (I know there are.)

Don't be putting words in my mouth. I did not say all White people were bad. I did not use the word "evil" anywhere.
While it is true that White males did give women the right to vote it was not until over 100 years after the US was founded. Also, Black and Hispanic males did not get to vote on allowing women to vote because they were not allowed to vote freely until almost 200 years after the US was founded.

"Capitalism is all about greed and selfishness" - Another Communist lie.

There you go putting words in my mouth again. Where did I say I was a Communist and/or supporter of Communism?

Why is it that 99% of the countries that have tried Communism has [sic] failed dramatically?

Way to pull numbers out of your ass. Do you have a reference backing up your assertion that "99% of the countries that have tried Communism have failed dramatically?" (this [sic] is also for subject-verb agreement).

Communist [sic] always advocate the the redistribution of wealth -- when will they figure out how to generate it on their own? (i.e. without stealing and murdering from the people who scrimped and saved.)

Again, I said nothing about redistribution of wealth. That is why I have to keep questioning your reading comprehension skills (again the [sic] is for subject-verb agreement).
To get back on topic, don't you think that when Enron tanked that the capitalists running that company stole from its employees and stockholders? You don't think that the capitalists running the companies in trouble right now are stealing when they take huge bonuses as they run their companies into the ground?
And isn't capitalism supposed to be about the survival of the fittest in the marketplace? Don't you think that the bailouts being given to AIG and the auto industry are "redistribution of wealth" albeit on a much larger scale?

A wise man once told me, "Before embracing a philosophy, check out the life of the philosopher." (Can he live out his value system?) Marx sure didn't. Neither did Stalin nor Mao.

You really should read some history books and not not rely so much on Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly for your history lessons. You are engaging in demagoguery by deliberately confusing socialism and communism to muddy the waters.
Karl Marx was a socialist who married a woman whose family had money. A little research will show that Marx refused to take money from his wife's family:
"During the first half of the 1850s the Marx family lived in poverty in a three room flat in the Soho quarter of London. Marx and Jenny already had four children and two more were to follow. Of these only three survived."
That is definitely living out his value system.
Stalin and Mao were brutal dictators, and they also would have been so had they been on the right. The only difference is that if they had been on the right they would have been called 'fascists" instead of "communists".

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by el_chicano (#27071401) Attached to: Volt Asks Temps To 'Vote" For Microsoft Pay Cut

Stop taking into account skin color when you judge someone and perhaps if enough people stop giving a damn what melanin content their fellows have we can move beyond this bigotry.

As a Chicano skin color is not important to me, I have family members that range from light-skinned to dark-skinned. It does seem to matter a lot to White people, especially from the US South. I spent two years in Georgia while in the Army and boy was I glad to get out of that unenlightened hellhole. Even though that was over 20 years ago not much has changed in the South since then.

While its important to not forget the past there is no need to bring it into the present.

The only way not to bring the past into the present is to forget it. Why is it that Whites in the South can keep bringing up their past by pointing to their Confederate ancestors but when I try to bring up the past I am accused of being racist?
If anyone is racist it is those from the South, while the descendants of the Confederates keep talking about "states rights" that is only code for "keep the Blacks enslaved". The Confederates were fighting in part for states to have the right to keep certain people as property; however, the descendants of the Confederates are too intellectually dishonest to admit that their ancestors were fighting to keep Blacks enslaved.

Cut the racial crap, we live in a messed up but still wonderful country and the people who founded it were not perfect ... The American dream of working hard and succeeding is alive and well and its color blind.

Do have proof of this dubious assertion? If so bring out your facts. Here are the facts according to the US Census Bureau:

Median income (2006)
Whites - $50,673
Blacks - $31,969
Hispanics - $37,781

Income $100,000 and over (2006)
Whites - 20.2%
Blacks - 9.1%
Hispanics - 10.5%


If the US was truly color blind then these numbers would even. An before you blame education for the lack of equality in these statistics remember that Blacks and Hispanics tend to have crappier schools than Whites.
Speaking of color blindness, blindness is considered a handicap in most cases, why not in this case? Why is it that Whites can celebrate their culture and proudly point to being descended from Scottish or Irish or German or French people? Why is it when Blacks and Hispanics say they are proud of their heritage they are accused of being racist? That is a big double standard there.
Besides if you are color blind then you are ignoring a large part of who I am and where I came from. You are also consciously denying any contributions that Mexico and Spain had in the past in building the US.
The answer is not to ignore race but to not make negative judgments based on race and that has to start with the Whites. For example, the KKK has been around since the 1800's and yet they still exist. If Whites truly valued color-blindness then you would think that he first place to start changing things would be with their White brothers and sisters.
To me "color blindness" is code for me to become White. Dress like Whites do, speak like Whites do, believe like Whites do. Now if I do that because I want to do so that is one thing but when success in the US is predicated on that concept then you are forcing me to become White to succeed in this country. There is another word for that, tyranny...

Comment: Re:My kind of democracy (Score 1) 412

by el_chicano (#27048355) Attached to: Volt Asks Temps To 'Vote" For Microsoft Pay Cut

I realize the Founding Fathers were not perfect. The founding of America was a step in the right direction.

Again, you need to qualify: a step in the right direction for White males.

Slavery existed in Africa long before slaves were sold in the Americas. People fought, bled and died to outlaw it in the U.S. It still exists in Africa and other parts of the world and I understand it is on the rise. (For the record, I believe it was and still is despicable.)

The topic was that of slavery in the United States, not slavery anywhere else. If you want to talk about slavery elsewhere, did you know that Mexico outlawed slavery in 1828, more than 30 years before the US did? And without having to fight a long, bloody war?
Did you know that it was illegal to own slaves in Texas yet the White male descendants of the "Founding Fathers" illegally imported slaves when they settled in Texas? And that one of the first things they did after the gaining "independence" for Texas was to re-institute slavery of Blacks?

Japanese -- Wow! I did NOT know the founding fathers threw Japanese Americans in concentration camps. Tell me, which one of the Founding Fathers was still alive in 1942?

I said: OK, your "Founding Fathers" and the nation they founded. Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension skills?

And then there is a survival instinct called xenophobia.

Hah! Xenophobia as a survival instinct, that is a good one. Maybe you need read up on nativism in the US during the 1800's. How was keeping out non-Whites from the US a survival instinct? This makes you sound like a closet racist or a subconscious racist.

The point of my original post was to point out that Communism and Fascism are inherently selfish and greedy. They never helped anyone except the party elite.

And capitalism is not about selfishness and greed? The economy is currently in the toilet because of selfishness and greed. The sad part is that much of the selfishness and greed was by the White male descendants of the "Founding Fathers" who make up the elites that currently control many of the financial and governmental institutions in the US.

The Founding Fathers were unusual. They were men of wealth and power. They were NOT greedy. They gave up their time, wealth, and power to establish something better for everyone.

OK, so you claim the "Founding Fathers" gave up their wealth and power. So why is it that it took over 240 years to elect a non-White president? Why is it that the elites are still disproportionately made up of White males? Why is it that today poverty disproportionately affects non-Whites?
I'll bet that you fancy yourself a libertarian and that you believe that the US is about the potential for individual success no matter who you are or where you come from. If that is so then it must be the moral failings of non-Whites as to why non-Whites are not doing as well as Whites are here in the US.
Like I said above, either you are a closet racist or a subconscious racist if you do not see that the condition of non-Whites today is due in large part to 240+ years of this country favoring Whites over non-Whites. I would rather believe that you are not racist and that you are just the victim of a piss-poor US educational system.

Yes, it was not perfect. They could not agree to abolish slavery in the new country. (Many of the Founding Fathers were against it.)

It was not that the "Founding Fathers" COULD NOT abolish slavery it is that they WOULD NOT abolish slavery. All that was missing was the WILL to do so.
Had the "Founding Fathers" done so then I would be agreeing with you as to their greatness. However, since they did not do so then to me they are just another group of ordinary White males who did their level best to set up a utopia for White males, the whole time exploiting labor from non-Whites to build their utopia.

They still had the taint of European aristocracy.

White European male aristocracy == elites. Way to undercut your original argument that Fascism and Communism are about "which set of elite [sic] get the power and money". If you don't understand that capitalism is also about "which set of elite [sic] get the power and money" then your knowledge of economic and political systems is severely lacking...

There are three kinds of people: men, women, and unix.