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Technology (Apple)

+ - Apple no longer available via Insight Direct

Submitted by ejoe_mac
ejoe_mac (560743) writes "Every day I rely on to provide my customers with a complete product suite and competitive pricing (and credit terms). I was amazed to hear and now see that they are no longer carrying Apple products. My understanding is that since Insight wasn't going to take an Apple-centric sales approach, they were not going to be able to sell Apple products. Apple-centric sales — yea, forget that pc thing and here's a Mac Mini — come on! For Apple to try to dictate to a tier 1 vendor how their products are sold to Corporate customers is ludicrous! Apple doesn't target big business (by their own mouth) so to cut off an existing established sales channel to big businesses (CEO's assistant wants a Macbook Air) is wrong.

Check out the brands that they list — notice no Apple? I purchase everything from them, due to ease, availability, and shopping around doesn't count as billable hours. I trust that I'm getting a fair price, and can be certain that if I need something delivered on Saturday, it will be there. Figure it out Apple!"

+ - Dell releases AMD based desktops

Submitted by ejoe_mac
ejoe_mac (560743) writes "Surfing for drivers has introduced me to 2 new Dell Dimension PC's, now with AMD processors. Listed as the C521 & E521, they're listing with Sempron, Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 cpu's. Finally, now we're just waiting for the Poweredge Servers to show up. Anyone see ice anywhere? Dell Link"

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