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User Journal

Journal: Stupid damned car...

Journal by einer

Unfortunately in the wide open spaces of Nebraska, a car is necessary if you need to go anywhere.

Well my starter just took a huge Honda crap. Why isn't there a manual push start option? How hard would it be to make an automatic transmission roll startable? How infuriating. I can design, build, run and maintain an enterprise wide web app, but I can't get my car started.

That this weekend is Labor day is only more salt in the wound. The plans are shot, and I have to wait until Tuesday to even get my car in the door at a shop. Since it's a honda, multiply the expected cost of replacing a starter by 4, and that's probably what I'll be paying.

Looks like another weekend spent playing morrowind.

User Journal

Journal: My damned journal

Journal by einer

Entry (This will go down on your permanent record)

Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last night. Which is the way he wants. Well, he gets. Now, I don't like this any more than you do.

Yeah. Go to my chunk of internet for a clear understanding of the social underpinnings of ...snore...

uh. boobs. Go there for boobs. There won't be any, but if you feel like posting a link, I won't complain. No problem exists that can't be fixed by boobs. And if you can think of one, post it. we'll talk about it.

get better

ASHes to ASHes, DOS to DOS.