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Comment: Re: Ask the former residents of East Germany (Score 2) 254

by einar.petersen (#49503343) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society
Sorry to see you have a minus one on your comment I was also completely shocked to see an attempt to selling the surveillance state as a positive. You are spot on with your comment regarding STASI and the fools that don't realize this will mourn as the people trying to wake them up are silenced, re-educated, dissappeared, suicided, or in other ways removed from "society" once democracy as they thought they knew it finally crumbles. Kudos to you for standing up like you do!

Comment: Somebody just got their coffee ? (Score 1) 105

The organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed reservations on Tuesday 7 April; they believe the bill could open the back door to a surveillance society... aehm cough cough a little late to be giving comments like that, mentinks the barn door to that society is already wide open and people of the world who wish to be free are scrambling to close that door while the sheeple happily plod along in their own little happy world populated by the latest gossip about reality stars of no significance other that creating a mesmerizing circus to hold captive the mere second short attention span of the slaves so as to make sure they won't figure out what is going on around them every day...

Comment: Hmm guess we are at stage II/III (Score 2) 281

by einar.petersen (#49452059) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi How true those words ring with the prepper puns, we see the journalist poking at the day trader and others even as we see the utilities fighting/lobbying the political establishment in order to lay out roadblocks to those who wish to be self sustainable. I guess the 'kooks' and visionaries like Musk will just have plod along through the muck stirred up by the powers that be and work even harder at reaching the goal of creating a better world for everyone, a world where the playing field hopefully is evened out and cards not stacked in in anybodies favour. So to all you 'kooks' and visionaries out there keep up the good work they are running scared and that is why you are facing ridicule and animosity. Kudos to you all!

Comment: Crying about encryption just another symptom (Score 2) 161

by einar.petersen (#49368917) Attached to: Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption
Watching the police state encroach deeper and deeper and the sheeple doing nothing but watching their reality shows and empty journalists blabbering the agenda on the evening news attempting to marginalize anyone with half a brain discussing the deeper implications regarding the slide towards totalitarian rule is a sad sad reality for someone who has seen the Berlin wall fall and who remembers the horror stories about STASI an organization that pales in comparison to the evils of intelligence services operating in todays so called free democracies. When will the people rise and object against the tyrannical powers laying their claws upon every soul walking this earth...

Comment: Re:Solar car ports on wheels? (Score 1) 437

Heh... I wish I had stakes in such a company - but alas... Notice I did not include a company name nor URL, which I would have if I was advertising. No I just wanted to mention that you actually in my opinion have a sound idea about space usage and that someone else has thought like you and has attempted to implement the idea... The severe weather thing I believe you might be right about for the wheeled parking lot units I saw.

Comment: Re: Night (Score 1) 437

Look at http://www.ambri.com/technolog... American made. Cheap and effective. You do actually have some pretty smart people over there and they already have the solutions you need. The TED talk is here http://www.ted.com/talks/donal... I believe you might find that you are indeed at a most opportune moment in time for making a shift to renewable power and making a huge difference environmentally speaking

Comment: Re: Space for solar hasn't been much of a concern (Score 1) 437

You can even buy those solar roofs for car parking lots and they are on wheels for your convenience. Read about the concept some time ago so your idea is very sound indeed and can be sprung into action the moment after placing your order. Go talk to your mall owners if they don't have the doe get an agreement that you supply the pabels. They buy the power. Both parties win. They get renewable and can advertise they are a responsible company and you provide a service to society by making the environment cleaner and you'll make money doing it. Opportunity awaits those who act and imagine going to sleep at night knowing in your heart you have made a difference and that you are one who acts proactively rather than just reacts to whatever happens. Kudos to you and your thinking!

Comment: Dear Californians (Score 1) 437

What are you waiting for. This is your opportunity to completely transform your state and become energy independent leading the way for a greener and cleaner America and even a chance to make a buck og two in the process by selling off your excess power production... Talk to people in your neighbourhood pool your resources that way you don't need to wait for incompetent politicians working for the lobbyists or greedy power companies out to take your rightful chance to make an earning from you. Best of luck you don't just have a window of opportunity... you have the barn door open right now!

Comment: Are you surprised? (Score 3, Interesting) 82

by einar.petersen (#49231349) Attached to: South African Government Issues Plans To Censor Internet
How different is this from the childish and immature attempts if the Indian government to attempt censoring the BBC documentary just a few days ago on a world wide scale. Truth is that so called governments in many so called democratic countries are scared beyond comprehension and are feverishly trying to put the genie that the internet is back into the bottle for the internet allows the public to expose the lies and manipulations they engage in on a global scale instantly to billions at the time. All free people if South Africa must stand up to this sort of censorship as must the rest of the world. For it is through free open and uncensored communication we can win back the freedom that these types are trying to pry from us under different guises. I wish you find the courage to send this proposal back into the landfill of oppression from where it was dug up and dismiss the types that have come up with the proposal from their job. For they have forgotten that it is you they serve and not the other way around!

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