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Comment: Oh no you are ruining our "monopoly" (Score 2) 579

by einar.petersen (#45794203) Attached to: Utilities Fight Back Against Solar Energy
This is a world wide problem, utilities are running scared and the politicians in their pocket are following their pied piper. Keep pressing on for being able to create your own power. If the utilities won't let you plug in. Screw em and invest in battery back up, companies are already scrambling to make affordable, benign battery power the sooner you let the power utilities depending on power drawn from old fermented dinosaurs or power created with other environmental deadly pollutants as a result like nuclear die the better. Keep adapting alternate power generation technology, not only will you be free from the utilities and save a lot of money freeing up your personal resources. Unfortunately governments all over the world are in cahoots with the utilities so do not expect any help from them. This is a battle you as an individual will have to take upon yourself to win. Educate yourself in how you can save, personally I have been able to cut my electricity consumption 22% by doing simple things like cutting off vampire loads, remembering to turn off lights when not around etc. without in any way having less comfort at home or making "sacrifice" and I have not even yet started investing in energy harvesting nor A+ or better household things like dishwasher, fridge/freezer, washing machine etc. stopped using the dryer in the previous billing cycle, that saved a bundle as well but is not counted in this round, but energy harvesting and buying less power consuming equipment is next on the list. I wish all of you the best of luck in the search for cheaper and cleaner energy free from the power monopolies of the utilities. Don't buy into the lie that you are using the utilities as a backup battery, they are benefiting from your production, they are actually able to use less energy to produce load for the grid etc. and actually able to earn money from your production to anyone claiming something else I will in the holiday spirit offer a "bah humbug", and if they won't let you plug in, find alternate ways to store and utilize your energy. Don't let the utilities win. Let them go the way of the dinosaurs, you do not need them. Learn and live free!

+ - Outbreak of common sense and decency at NASA->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "In a reversal of the by many considered shameful and most un-international decision to ban Chinese scientists to participate in an international conference on "EXO PLANETS" i.e. planets lightyears upon lightyears away, due to national security concerns (get the pun?). NASA owns up their ban on Chinese nationals participating in the conference was possibly an over interpretation of US law regarding foreign Chinese nationals and the laws in place to safeguard America from lurking danger of nations spying upon it...

The ban saw strong reactions from Scientific Institutions and Scientific Leaders around the globe and NASA actually faced a real danger of Scientists from around the globe boycotting the conference due to their earlier decision as calls were going out into the global scientific community to do so.

Concerns or no concerns about national security and interpretation of laws thereabout, it is good to see science once again being treated as an international cooperation between peers to the benefit of mankind"

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+ - Storyplanet Held Hostage by freelance developers->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "So Danish Entrepreneur Bjarke Myrthu has sent an email to his users that he feels he has to throw in the towel after a Web Drama including the Kidnapping of his site and service development dream.

Seemingly two freelance developers have held hostage and tried to extort control of the company or services from Bjarke Myrthu rendering it impossible for him to continue developing the site for his users.

Having had some experience with using freelancers hired over the web using quite strict terms in my job description I'd like to hear from the Slashdot community what they think should be done in a scenario like this, how could Bjarke Myrthu wrestle back control of his dream from what must be dubious cooperation partners according to the article and how do you protect yourselves from becoming embroiled in legalities when hiring freelancers for your projects via online freelancer services.

The Original Danish article

Translated article courtesy google"

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+ - Farewell Nokia->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "Microsoft is in these hours apparently working to secure a complete buyout of the Finnish Mobile Manufacturer that will result in 32000 additional employees being transferred Microsoft, albeit a large number it is less than it could have been as former Microsoft Executive Stephen Elop has already slashed 20.000 Nokia jobs during his tenure at Nokia."
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Comment: Next time you have too much money... (Score 1) 301

by einar.petersen (#44690291) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Get Open Source Projects To Take Our Money?
I'd be happy to help anyone with excessive cash flow problems and can point to a project with an actual product you could get for the money, a product that would be delivered and invoiced within the fiscal year and an opportunity for your company at the same time to boost their corporate CSR and promise it would be a worthy FOSS project you'd support and one that needs your support. Any amount received would go to pay for programmers to work on applications and or hardware according to project needs. But if you are representing a serious entity, feel free to contact me through my personal website - Scammers please stay away, I have had enough fun with fighting against cyber criminals trying to twarth the efforts by destroying sites involved and thus using up precious time that should have been used for development instead funneled into cleanup operations etc. Though I would like a multitude of posters be quite suspicious to anyone just offering money as this has happened more than just once.


Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes ""The owner of Lavabit tells us that he's stopped using email and if we knew what he knew, we'd stop too.

There is no way to do Groklaw without email. Therein lies the conundrum.

What to do?"

So go the first lines in a lengthy and thought provoking goodbye to Groklaw readers..."

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+ - Putting a stop to doing something for the social good!!!->

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einar.petersen writes "Another volley in the useless and obvious game of patenting the obvious.

Startup who had been running an indiegogo campaign reaching their goal of over $15,000 in pledges has had some rather unpleasant news.

They have received a patent complaint delivered to Indiegogo regarding patent #7870067 claiming they are infringing on the invention mentioned in the patent.

Here's a link to the patent in case you're interested:

It is Indiegogo's policy to freeze any campaign that receives a patent violation complaint for up to 10 days while the issue is resolved. If in 10 days no official lawsuit is filed them (CentUp Industries LLC) our campaign will be reinstated and will proceed as planned.

Funny thing, a similar system like this already exists in Europe where the jury is still out on Software Patents AFAIK...

IMHO this is getting absolutelt ridiculous... more and more scholars are recommending abolishing software patents and the trolls are taking more and more patents — Patenting making a small donation rather than a big one... For crying out.... this kind of stuff makes me sick...

Patents are holding back development in the IT business and instead of fostering creativity and progress they are grinding the industry to a halt.

The only winners are the patent litigation and patent defense laywers... noone else, the rest of us suffer delays, less competition. and eventually higher pricing of our goods...

Patent mathematical algorithms wich in essense software is — is complete bogus in my opinion....

What does the Slashdot crowd have to say about this one ?"

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Comment: Ha ha ah ahaahahahahhhaaha, this is rich.... (Score 2) 339

by einar.petersen (#42700425) Attached to: Does Microsoft Have the Best App Store For Open Source Developers?
So Microsoft then company that wants to block any other operating system from running on computers by introducing their "safe" boot system. The same company claiming patents and is in my opinion blackmailing/extorting Linux companies, graciously want to let you sell your code through their APP store.... so that you can save them from going under.... pleeeeeeeeease! Somebody hurry and call the doctor I have this funny rippling effect going all through my body accompanied by odd abrupt sounds and I can't seem to get off the floor upon which I am rolling.

Comment: Desert Beetle files suit for patent infringement (Score 2) 173

by einar.petersen (#42072401) Attached to: Water Bottle Fills Itself From the Air
The BeetleJuice Law Firm on behalf of AngryBeetle Inc. today launched a patent infringement suit against MIT. Their statement reads: It might be very well that MIT has developed something clever, but this is clearly an infringement of AngryBeetle Inc.'s patented water production method. The fact that you can help millions of people is irrelevant - we want our cash now!.... AngryBeetle Inc. and BeetleJuice Law Partners - have not been available for any further comments. Thanks to Alex for inspiration ;)

+ - Awesome MoBro's STAR WARS November charity photo series going on auction->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "So I attended the Star Wars Weekend at Tåstrup Kulturhus and spent some quality time with David/Dave Prowse, Richard LeParmentier, Tim Dry, Alan Flyng, John Coppinger and the wonderful Pam Rose.

This being November and Mens Cancer Awareness month I managed to cajoule the MoBro's of Star Wars — the honorable Lady & Gentlemen above to participate in the concoction of a November charity special photo series, that goes on auction during the last 10 days of November 2012...

If you want to see the AWESOME STAR WARS MoBro's and find out about the auction read on at the url I have given"

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Comment: Re:Long term data archival (Score 1) 116

by einar.petersen (#41454703) Attached to: Hitachi Creates Quartz Glass Archival Medium
Given humanity is again advanced to a reasonable technical level a simple illustration aka this one from my children's fairy tale could work. Naturally a more stylistic approach with regards to what is drawn light source / a looking glass effect drawing, the media etc. but I'd think something like that should do it, maybe throw in a few 0 and 1's / images or whatever information is recognisable so that an experimenter would recognise artefacts ... Well just a thought - after all the human creature is one with imagination so whatever we'd try someone ought to be able to figure it out...

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