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Comment Do the editors even actually read the stories? (Score 2, Informative) 426 426

The ghacks story that is linked to just cites engadget as a source... who don't mention *anything* about it "permanently modifying" the MicroSD cards, just that the manufacturers and microsoft are requiring that the cards are certified.

Comment BFS Isn't Unsupported (Score 5, Informative) 472 472

Con Kolivas is still actively working on BFS, it's not unsupported. He's even got a patch for 2.6.36, which was only released on the 20th. He's also got a patchset out that I use on all my desktops which includes a bunch of tweaks for desktop use.

Comment It's not actually lacking (Score 2, Insightful) 769 769

It's just horrifically out of date. If you're talking about Linux as in things that are generally applicable to all Linuxes, the Linux Documentation Project ( is actually quite well written... but almost everything is uselessly out of date. Most of the articles I've needed in desperate hours of trouble are still written for the 2.4 kernel series. This was especially painful when I was looking into software RAID. There's some great stuff in TLDP, but it's all outdated. At this point, I think gentoo-wiki and ArchLinux's wiki are some of the most helpful places to go if you're using anything that's not .deb or .rpm based.

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