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Comment Blazer, Eudora, etc. (Score 1) 149

Actually, despte the press claims on the sites, neither of these packages (or any similar) require wireless access: they simply allow it. The wired solution is to follow the directions for connecting through a cellular phone, except to use a standard serial connector and a modem (this requires a specal sort of null-modem connector: I don't remember details, but I think that the ground is cross linked to one of RTS/CTS/DSR/DTR one one side - they should be available from your favorite retailer). Connect the modem to your phone jack and you're all set.

If you need broadband access (or just want to synchronize throuh your PC for some reason), connect the serial cable as usual (the provided HotSync cradle should work) and configure a PPP daemon on your PC: assign an IP address to the Palm via DHCP, and you can use the "wireless" content managers as you previously used AvantGo (although without the benefits / problems associated with the one-button HotSync that was AvantGo).

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