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Comment: Re:This never works (Score 1) 155

by hairyfeet (#49548885) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

What he is talking about is DIVX (all caps), named to make people think of the OTHER DivX , which was an attempt at "DRM in a box" that went over about as well as a loud ripping fart in an elevator.

I predict other than the *philes (the same folks that bought Beta, Laserdisc, and anything else that claimed to be "better" than the rest) 4K is gonna flop as bad as 3D TV, the reasons why are numerous, 1.- DVD is "good enough" for the majority, which is why after all these years BD is still not a blip compared to the massive DVD install base, 2.- The bandwidth in the USA to stream 4K without getting capped? EXTREMELY rare, most folks would be lucky to be able to watch 2 vids before they get capped, 3.- The not insignificant investment from users that really like what 1080p looks like now, and 4.- The fact it won't work with anything they already have, thus causing the "I gotta buy the Beatles albums again" syndrome which in a "jobless recovery" isn't gonna fly.

Considering the majority of PCs still don't come with BD? I'm really not worried about 4K DRM, it'll be another WMA, only bitch is the wasted die space used by your GPU and/or board for this shit you'll never use. Damn, now I'm gonna have to grab that R9 270x before they have time to add that shit.

Comment: Re: SystemD added? (Score 2) 352

by hairyfeet (#49547115) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

Uhhhh...yeah dude? The post he is referring to used "compartmentalized", "intrinsic" and "homogeneous" in less than 3 sentences....normal folks and IT guys? yeah they don't talk like that. So the poster is either 1.- A shill, or 2.- Works in PR or marketing, because those guys DO talk like that.

Frankly I was shocked he didn't roll out "synergy" but I think they wised onto it thanks to Dilbert ragging on it so many times.

Comment: Re:so....why? (Score 1, Insightful) 91

by MightyMartian (#49541425) Attached to: Gen. Petraeus To Be Sentenced To Two Years Probation and Fine

Well, thanks for showing up to tell us. It's so good of you to come on to a topic that you believe completely does not belong on /. to tell us how it does not not belong on /. You are a true champion through and through! Now use your powers to find out if that pack of 100 jelly beans in fact has 100 jelly beans, or 99 or 103.

America needs people like you!

Comment: Re:Seems to be OK all around then (Score 1) 600

wait, you're stalking my other posts? and you think heroin is like a vaccine?

of course any vaccine should be thoroughly tested before they inject it into anyone you raving moron

it's not like they are grabbing people and injecting them with experimental formulations. the science on this is well-established and there is a rigorous review process before anyone gets injected

you are a fearmongering, pridefully ignorant wackjob. you need to get and your kids your fucking vaccine and if you do not you ARE a health threat to us so we WILL save your kids and the rest of us from your dangerous ignorance, you irresponsible asshole

go live in the mountains and never have kids. if you won't do that, do what you have to do to be part of society you dumb fuck

Comment: Re:Seems to be OK all around then (Score 2) 600

We didn't have vaccines for most of our nations history and those diseases never posed more than a passing threat to our society.

go to an old graveyard

look at the old tombstones

look at the ages

you're a pridefully ignorant asshole and your stupidity is dangerous to the rest of us

Comment: Re:So more of the same then? (Score 1) 336

by hairyfeet (#49539165) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

If you have already swallowed the Apple BS so much that you REQUIRE everything from iTunes to Apple formats and iWhatever support? Then go ahead and go full Cult 'o Mac and buy a damned Macbook already!

As I tell every customer that asks about Apple anything? Be ready to go full Apple or go home. iTunes for Windows sucks, it has ALWAYS sucked, it always WILL suck, so if you are gonna go retard? Go full retard, just buy a damned macbook and stop trying to make that shitastic software work on Windows. Fuck I've seen DOS games that work better on Windows 7 than fricking iTunes, that POS software is either gimped on purpose (to again push the full Cult 'o Mac) or they hired the absolute cheapest third world rent-a-coders they possibly could to work on the Windows version. Either way it blows ass, it always has, always will. So stop coming up with more and more excuses that will require that shitfart iTunes and just go full Cult o' Mac already!

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