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Comment: Is it even worth it? (Score 1) 393

We already know that the NSA flags encrypted traffic as suspicious and keeps it forever. If we assume they have enough computing power to target on a particularly interesting set of data (based on headers and routing info which can't be encrypted or it doesn't work), then how is it much better than having them store your data in the clear?

Comment: Re:BLOOAATT (Score 1) 488

by eggman9713 (#37959606) Attached to: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Won't Fit On a CD
Yes, way back when I installed Hardy Heron I believe it was, on an older machine, I downloaded an ISO that I burned to a CD, booted up from that, and after a bit of network config, it grabbed all the packages from the internet and installed them. I can't seem to find such an option anymore that is comparable. The closest thing I can find is Netboot install from the internet, which I do not believe is the same.

+ - Guitar Makers and Owners Under The Gun.->

Submitted by tetrahedrassface
tetrahedrassface (675645) writes "According to the Wall Street Journal, Federal agents again raided guitar maker Gibson this past week seizing several pallets of wood and computer documents. At heart of the issue is the wood that is being used in guitars and whether or not it comes from sustainable sources. The company insists it is being harassed and made to 'cry uncle' to the governments enforcement laws. While, as the article notes, wonderful woods like Madagascar Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood and other fret and tone woods are protected in order to prevent the equivalent of 'blood diamond like trade' in sought after tone woods, the ramafications now extend to guitar sowners. Owners and players are next in sights of this enforcement. If you play a vintage guitar, or a hand built guitar made of old stock woods that were legally obtained years ago, but only recently crafted into an ax, you best not fly with it. John Thomas, a law professor at Quinnipiac University and a blues and ragtime guitarist, says "there's a lot of anxiety, and it's well justified." Once upon a time, he would have taken one of his vintage guitars on his travels. Now, "I don't go out of the country with a wooden guitar." That's right. Recent revisions to various laws and the Lacey Act mean if you carry your guitar across the border and don't have your paperwork and certification in hand, they will seize the guitar and fine you 250.00. So if your planning that dream vacation to France and want to play your acoustic in the air of France (or anywhere else) be forewarned. They are gunning for you."
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Comment: Semi-anonymous coward (Score 1) 456

by eggman9713 (#36879296) Attached to: Is Twitter Rendered Obsolete By Google+?
I have a Facebook, don't use it. I don't need Google+. Twitter is a good niche for me because it allows me to keep some track of my friends without having to know every damn thing they are doing. It also lends to being more anonymous. I don't really want my real name out there except to people I really know well. But I have plenty of followers on Twitter who like what I post and don't care that much EXACTLY who I am. Twitter lends itself well to that since neither Facebook nor G+ allow pseudonyms.

Comment: Myst nerd (Score 1) 722

by eggman9713 (#36496386) Attached to: I Name My Servers After:
I name all of my machines, servers and clients, after Ages and characters in the Myst series. Atrus, Todelmer, Serenia, Tiana, Voltaic, Stoneship, Aspermere, Tay, Amateria, Channelwood, Tomahna, Spire, Kveer, Jnanin, Lakiahn At work several of our servers are named after characters in M*A*S*H. Radar being the main file server, naturally.

Comment: Energy Northwest (Score 1) 551

by eggman9713 (#34662984) Attached to: How the Free Market Rocked the Grid
My local electrical utility (run by the city I live in) is a member of Energy Northwest, which if I understand it is basically a co-op of its member utilities in the pacific northwest. The power is provided basically at-cost to the utilities. Our electricity rates here are very low compared to the rest of the US and we don't have all these scheister "energy companies" running around and ripping off the consumers.

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