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Comment: Re: Systemd (Score 0) 107 107

Humiliation? WTF? How's that work? It's not humiliating, it's frustrating. Like I said, it's the "you're not my boss, fuck you" attitude that really turns people away. The attitude you just displayed right there. Are you a developer on any open source projects?

Comment: This is why I'm not an early adopter (Score 0) 280 280

To this day I remain a late, late adopter of technology. I wait until the market has sorted out the winners and losers, then go and buy the most standard piece of equipment I can find. I was deeply scarred as a youth by Betamax video tapes and the Intellivision game console. My family owned both. Both were clearly superior to their competition. It was visible to the naked eye and owners of competing systems admitted without shame that it was so.

However, back then it was considered a flippant waste of money if you had more than one standard, so that was what we had. I couldn't trade games with anyone but this one kid whose parents wouldn't let him trade games. I couldn't rent most of the tapes in the video store. I couldn't copy tapes and give them to friends. AND THEY WERE BETTER SYSTEMS! In every measure, technically, visually, flexibility-wise, the list goes on and on.

Ever since I moved out of the house and bought my first VHS, I've mistrusted my ability to judge what will win. Sometimes the only winning move is not to play. Otherwise, I'd probably be one of the people they quoted for this article.

Comment: Re:For desktop OS, I'd tale BeOS' responsive handl (Score 0) 422 422

BeOS' problems weren't technical, that's for sure. They were purely created by evil humans. BeOS should have won, but didn't, and for a very good reason.

"I once preached peaceful coexistence with Windows. You may laugh at my expense - I deserve it."
-- Jean-Louis Gassee, CEO Be, Inc.

Comment: Re: Systemd (Score 2, Insightful) 107 107

See, arguments like this are precisely why people like me quit contributing to open source projects a long time ago. It's just the "fuck you" attitude that gets to us. When users demand features, you are supposed to listen. But nope, this stock answer is trotted out every time as a way to avoid doing work.

Comment: Ignorant stereotyping (Score 0) 146 146

The MIT nerds are just ignorantly stereotyping BBQ chefs. You'd figure that they of all people would be sensitive about looking down on others, but I guess not. BBQ chefs aren't morons who use old oil barrels for pits (they're not food grade and will make your food taste like shit). If they do reuse an old barrel, it's one that has held food like olives, and it is reused because it's cheaper and better than buying a brand new one. Seriously, duh.

Just check all this out. Science, science, science. It's all over BBQ these days. All the wisdom of the elders has been tested, trialed, and the old myths like "salt gets into meat by osmosis" and "pink chicken is not safe" have been busted and thoroughly debunked. Just check out the following SCIENCE:

The Thermodynamics of Cooking
What You Need to Know About Wood, Smoke, and Combustion.
The Maillard Reaction And Caramelization
The Science of Wet Brines
Basic Meat Science
Why We Don't Need Grill Marks, and Why You Should Flip Often

And there are about a kajillion more articles like this on this one site. There are many, many more sites all across the internet. All of them are full of science. MIT isn't breaking new ground here, as much as they'd like to think so. Up to and including computer-controlled cookers that turn out perfect meat every time.

Comment: Re:HOME ownership is key (Score 1) 651 651

My definition of "upper" middle class are people who if it weren't for the fact that they need their jobs to pay the bills, they would be considered rich.

Lawyers, politicians, doctors, etc.

Somebody who got a HELOC from their McMansion to buy a Porshe Cayene is not upper middle class. Their home is a suburban cookie cutter compromise and their toys are bought with debt.

+ - XKEYSCORE: NSA'S Google for the World's Private Communications->

Advocatus Diaboli writes: "The NSA’s ability to piggyback off of private companies’ tracking of their own users is a vital instrument that allows the agency to trace the data it collects to individual users. It makes no difference if visitors switch to public Wi-Fi networks or connect to VPNs to change their IP addresses: the tracking cookie will follow them around as long as they are using the same web browser and fail to clear their cookies. Apps that run on tablets and smartphones also use analytics services that uniquely track users. Almost every time a user sees an advertisement (in an app or in a web browser), the ad network is tracking users in the same way. A secret GCHQ and CSE program called BADASS, which is similar to XKEYSCORE but with a much narrower scope, mines as much valuable information from leaky smartphone apps as possible, including unique tracking identifiers that app developers use to track their own users."


"Other information gained via XKEYSCORE facilitates the remote exploitation of target computers. By extracting browser fingerprint and operating system versions from Internet traffic, the system allows analysts to quickly assess the exploitability of a target. Brossard, the security researcher, said that “NSA has built an impressively complete set of automated hacking tools for their analysts to use.” Given the breadth of information collected by XKEYSCORE, accessing and exploiting a target’s online activity is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Brossard explains: “The amount of work an analyst has to perform to actually break into remote computers over the Internet seems ridiculously reduced — we are talking minutes, if not seconds. Simple. As easy as typing a few words in Google.”

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Comment: key based auth (Score 1) 23 23

Why not use key based auth instead of password based?

Probably for the same reasons that crypto email never worked out, but I wish it were an option on things like banking websites.

I'm now using a password manager, so I can use pretty hard passwords without having to try to remember them. But using signed certs would be much much stronger still.

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