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Comment: Some simple suggestions (Score 1) 319

by eexaa (#45109485) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mitigating DoS Attacks On Home Network?

If you are not actually _hosting_ the game (in which case you are f-ed, because you simply need to examine all the packets by yourself, but from the fact you were not talking about any server I somehow suppose that you are just connecting), carrier-grade or similar NAT perfectly solves this problem. Your ISP should be able to hide you in an inner network in no time this way.

Comment: Re:gitlab (Score 1) 165

by eexaa (#44014137) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosting Git Repositories?

The single best thing about GitLab is the usage concept. The whole thing screams "Hey, use me, it will work correctly, look nicely and there will be a bonus feature!"

We were using Redmine+gitolite for issues&code review&hosting before, and the programmers didn't really like to touch it very much because there was a plenty of form-filling for every issue/milestone, git integration was somehow weird, etc. I was surprised how migration to GitLab improved the way they document&fix stuff and help each other with their work.

Programmers love GitLab.

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by eexaa (#44014115) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosting Git Repositories?

To be honest, the updates aren't such a big deal. I was running and upgrading it through versions 2.x to 5.1 (or whatever is recent), and all updates went like:

- git fetch
- git checkout version-x.y
- copypaste upgrade script commands from the web
- service gitlab restart

there has not been a single error in the upgrade process, ever.

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