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Comment: Re:78 million (Score 1) 331

by ee2go (#35259264) Attached to: Milky Way Stuffed With an Estimated 50 Billion Alien Worlds
This can't be right: let's assume half of the 78 million are outside the center 1/3 of the galaxy where gamma bathes them. The volume we are talking about is 1000ly * pi * (100k^2-33k^2) = 28e12 cubic light years of volume? So we have about 700,000ly average distance between habitable worlds?

+ - Spintronics Breakthrough. Quantum Compters Next?->

Submitted by ee2go
ee2go writes: An IEEE announcement states "A recent advance in the field of spintronics by researchers in Australia, the United States, and England may have edged scientists closer to a practical quantum computer. They managed to transfer data from the quantum spin of electrons onto phosphorus nuclei and store it there for nearly 2 minutes. With increased sensitivity, say observers, the technique may result in a device that serves as the readout of a quantum computer that will offer blazing speed, near-limitless memory, and virtually impenetrable defense against hacking". It will also include an RSA cracking utility for free.
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Comment: Re:Because... (Score 3, Informative) 710

by ee2go (#30624220) Attached to: Thorium, the Next Nuclear Fuel?
Not quite. The current Indian reactors use Thorium instead of depleted Uranium to even the core temperature. Even the next generation AHWR reactor will only use Thorium as part of the fuel (from here:

In India, construction is expected to start early in the next decade on the first 300 MW(e) advanced heavy water reactor, which has been developed for co-generation applications. The reactor is designed to operate with 233U-Pu-Th fuel; it uses boiling light water as a coolant and heavy water as the moderator.

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