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Comment: Re:What about AMD Godaveri? (Score 2) 100

by edxwelch (#49822179) Attached to: Intel Releases Broadwell Desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C

Tom's didn't compare it, but Anandtech did and Godaveri is actually slower than Kavari for more than half the games they tested. Check the benchmarks if you don't believe me. In Alien Isolation, Total War Attila and GRID autosport the 7870K slower than 7850K. That's 3 out 5 games where it's slower!

+ - Intel releases Broadwell desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C And i5-5675C

Submitted by edxwelch
edxwelch writes: Intel has finally released their Broadwell desktop processors. Featuring Iris Pro Graphics 6200 they take the integrated graphics crown from AMD (albeit costing 3 times as much). However, they are not as fast as current Haswell flagship processors and they will be soon superseded by Skylake, to be released later this year.
Tom's Hardware and Anandtech have the first reviews of the Core i7-5775C And i5-5675C.

Comment: R9 380X is faster (Score 1) 152

AMD are about to release the 390x (with HBM memory) which already has been benchmarked faster than the Titan X, but consumes more power.
The thing is Maxwell is much more power efficient than GCN, but it does so by crippling double prescision performance.
That means AMD could see a lot of sales from the FirePro version of the 390x.

Comment: I take two things from this. (Score 2) 98

The good: next year AMD start making APUs with HBM. The only thing that was holding back the iGPU was memory bandwidth. So, now they can put a 1024 shader GPU on the die and not have it starved by bandwidth. That will have interesting applications: powerful gaming laptops much cheaper than those with a discreet GPU and HPC (especially considering HSA applications)
The bad: this year AMD is only releasing one new GPU, Fiji. The rest are rebadges. And there is no new architecture. Even Fiji is making do with GCN 1.2

Comment: Fail (Score 2) 80

by edxwelch (#49688157) Attached to: Intel NUC5i7RYH Broadwell Mini PC With Iris Pro Graphics Tested

The selling point of the Iris Pro is that it should be able to play AAA games at medium presets, but it's crippled by the low TDP and other iGPUs thrash it in benchmarks.
But then you would expect it to be virtually silent, because of the low TDP, but it's actually quite noisy.
Then, there's the price. Iris Pro has always come with a high price, because eDRAM is expensive to manufacture. That's one of the reasons why the previous generation Iris Pro had so few design wins.

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