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Comment The reason why it appears fast (Score 1) 405 405

If you install Windows from scratch on a PC it will always run faster than the previous version (especially if it's being running for 7 years, as in this case). The reason is because the way Windows works. Certain system files (user profile, registery, etc, etc) continuously get bigger and bigger, so as you use it for several years the system gets slower and slower. Installing a fresh version of Windows (regardless of which version) starts everything from scratch and makes it run a whole lot faster.

Comment Re:Pu-238 was available when it launced (Score 2) 419 419

Here's what Wikipedia says about it:
"The United States stopped producing bulk plutonium-238 in 1988;[5] since 1993, all of the plutonium-238 used in American spacecraft has been purchased from Russia. In total, 16.5 kilograms have been purchased but Russia is no longer producing plutonium-238 and their own supply is reportedly running low"
In fact, the Horizons project only got their supply by salvaging a spare from the Cassini mission.

Comment Not nuclear fear (Score 5, Informative) 419 419

Firstly, what caused the problem was not "Nuclear fear", but failure of the harpoon to hold Philea down. The solar panels would have worked fine otherwise.
Secoundly, Plutonium-238 is simply no longer available - nobody makes it anymore. The reason why is because it is created using a dangerous and expensive process by irradiation of neptunium-237.

Submission + - Intel Layoffs Coming?

cleara writes: According to an Oregonian article ( that is so-far not paywalled; Intel is planning a currently unknown number of layoffs company-wide. The article does have a redacted copy of the layoff letter going to affected employees

Feed Google News Sci Tech: European Space Agency may have found lost Rosetta Philae lander - NY City News->


European Space Agency may have found lost Rosetta Philae lander
NY City News
The European Space Agency announced on Thursday that its engineers say that its Philae lander undoubtedly landed on the comet, prior to becoming inactive because of lack of sufficient batteries. According to information from the European Space Agency,...
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Submission + - Commodore PC still controls heat and A/C at 19 Michigan Public Schools-> 2 2

jmulvey writes: Think your SCADA systems are outdated? Environmental monitoring at 19 Grand Rapids Public Schools are still controlled by a Commodore Amiga. Programmed by a High School student in the 1980s, the system has been running 24/7 for decades. A replacement has been budgeted by the school system, estimated cost: Between $1.5 and 2 million. How much is your old Commodore Amiga worth?
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Comment Firepro version could be killer card (Score 1) 66 66

So, it's slightly slower than the Titan X in games, but the Maxwell architecture suffers poor double precision performance and that could be where AMD make their money. The Firepro version of this card would smoke anything Nvidia has to offer.

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